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City received clear audit report for 2009
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Great Bend city officials got a good report on its financial condition when the 2009 Audit Report was received and approved by the Great Bend City Council Monday night.
Vickie Dreiling, of Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball, presented the audit findings that included the city receiving an “unqualified opinion,” which she explained was the highest the firm could provide.
The city ended 2009 with cash balances of $22,065,612.
That was up more than $456,000 over the previous year’s. However, part of the reason for that increase was the repayment of the CPI loan, and that money was put into economic development and the baseball complex funds, it was explained.
While there were some accounting practices that were discussed with the city staff, Dreiling explained that there were no cash basis violations and no budget violations involving any of the city funds for 2009.
There was an issue with the city’s water fund and Dreiling explained the fund had cash receipts that were $157,000 lower than its expenditures, which would appear to indicate that the city needs to increase water rates.
But that isn’t the case, City Clerk Wayne Henneke explained. Henneke noted that debt service on recent water projects will be paid for and the fund will be back to the positive after that, so increased water rates are not called for.
The audit also studied how the city utilized federal funds for 2009.
Dreiling noted the city dealt with $959,412 in federal funding for that year, and it had a clean opinion on those funds, also.
The 2009 Audit Report was received during an Administrative Committee meeting, which was held at 7 p.m. Monday, before the regular council meeting. It was accepted by the council as a whole during the regular meeting.