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CKMC answers questions at website
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This is the home page for The website now has a Q & A link for asking questions about the upcoming changes at Central Kansas Medical Center.


Mark Mingenback understands that many people have questions about the upcoming changes at Central Kansas Medical Center. And as CKMC director of business strategy and marketing, he wants to help the public get answers.

In April or May, CKMC will concentrate all its efforts on its many out-patient services.

"While anyone should feel free to call me, we took the extra step of setting up a convenient method of communicating on our website," Mingenback said. "We will do all we can to be responsive to everyone’s concerns."

All legitimate questions will be answered as quickly as possible, Mingenback said, noting the goal is to respond by posting the answers on the website within 48 hours and sooner whenever possible.

Those interested should visit At the bottom, right-hand corner of the home page is the "Announcement Q & A Area." The website visitor should click there and then choose "Submit a Question," which is one of four choices just above the text.

The confidential, easy-to-follow form will pop up. Once it is completed, the question may be submitted to the email address above the form.

"We want to answer as many questions as we can in the most efficient way," Mingenback said, noting all details haven’t yet been worked out. "If you have any concerns about how the changes will affect you, your children, your parents, your friends – anyone — please let us know.

"Our goal is to share any information we can with the public," Mingenback added. "Everyone is entitled to make informed decisions about their health care."

CKMC’s name will change to St. Rose Ambulatory and Surgery Center. It will offer a wide variety of services including urgent care, out-patient surgeries, physicians’ clinics, high-tech imaging, a full-line of lab services, out-patient therapies, home health and hospice, cancer treatment and a sleep lab.

The Heartland Cancer Center and Golden Belt Home Health and Hospice will continue to function as they always have. They are owned and operated by CKMC.

In addition, telemedicine opportunities will be expanded.

The main change is the discontinuation of in-patient care, which entails spending the night in the hospital; obstetrics care; and in-patient rehab.

Mingenback noted the changes are in response to the direction of healthcare – more out-patient care that allows patients to be treated and return home the same day. In fact, almost nine out of 10 surgeries at CKMC today are performed on an out-patient basis.

"A large majority of other services has been on an out-patient basis for many years," he explained. "This will not change."

Mingenback may be reached by calling 620-786-6136.