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Clyde the bear undergoes surgery Friday at zoo
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Clyde, a black bear at the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo, was in poor health on Friday, according to posts on the zoo’s Facebook page.
The bear had undergone surgery about seven years ago to correct a problem, and the procedure was successful for a time,
Last week a problem related to the first surgery arose and this time Clyde contracted an infection where there was residual scar tissue from the previous surgery.
“Emergency surgery was performed this (past) week but Clyde is now refusing to eat, drink, urinate, and take his meds,” Zoo Director Scott Gregory reported Friday. “He needs to eat or drink to flush out the toxins in his system. He is in a state right now that does not look good for his future. We are injecting fluids into him today and we will see how the weekend goes."

On Saturday afternoon, a zookeeper said Clyde had taken both food and water during the day and was sleeping.