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Commission sees change of guard Monday
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Kirby Krier already had a clock, a present from Barton County in recognition of his previous stint as a county commissioner.
So, Monday when Krier was being recognized for his most recent term on the board, he was presented a boomerang as a parting memento, because, as County Administrator Richard Boeckman noted, Krier always returns.
Krier performed his final duties as the chairman of the commission before stepping down from it, at the changing of the commission with the oath of office being administered to returning commissioners Jennifer Schartz and Kenny Schremmer, and new Commissioner Don Cates.
Each of his fellow commissioners had a message for Krier on his departure:
• John Edmonds — “I have found you to be an excellent chair, an excellent commissioner.”
• Homer Kruckenberg — Quoting Abraham Lincoln addressing inactive Civil War Gen. George McClellan, “You can’t win a war standing on a rug.” Krier wasn’t standing still during his time on the commission.
• Kenny Schremmer — “I’ve known Kirby most of my life, at least since he was a pup.” Krier told Schremmer something important about being on the commission, Schremmer recalled, that you only get out of it what you put in.
• Jennifer Schartz — “You had a reputation that preceded you. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” she commented, adding “there are thing’s we agreed on.”
Krier said he’s been pleased with the current commission, in part because they don’t always see eye-to-eye. “This is a very diversified group and that’s the best thing the county can have.”
Krier said he hopes the county will continue to have a mix of idea and opinions being raised in the meetings so there will be meaningful discussion about important county issues.
During Monday’s meeting, Schartz was chosen as the new commission chair and Schremmer as the chair-protem.
The commission designated the Tribune as the official county newspaper, and approved preparing for the next county tax sale.