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Computer work moves the county forward
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Keeping almost any organization running smoothly in today’s world will include keeping up with its computer needs, and for all of the taxpayers of Barton County, that includes some recent projects under the leadership of Barton County IT Director John Debes.
Detailing a number of projects his department has undertaken in the past few week, Debes included a variety of efforts that improve current computer programs and protects, them, too.
Debes noted that, as is always the case, the department continues to protect the county’s system. “Since July 8, the department has stopped 11,827 spam messages, 173 viruses, 10 intrusions and 3 spyware attempts.”
Other recent efforts by the Information Technology Department included:
• Created an addressing file for the new motor vehicle software.
• Created an electronic version of the 2010 oil and gas tax roll.
• Continued devising a new method for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program abstract work.
• Released the delinquent 2010 real estate file to the Tribune for publication.
• Uploaded the 2011 ground water charges to the real estate tax billing file.
• Completed an annual work comp report. Work included revising the leave time usage.
• Worked with R&S Digital on installing mapping software for the county engineer.
• Developed a line item spreadsheet specific to vendor for the administrator’s office.
• Repaired and installed equipment at the Health Department
• Replaced a computer in the Treasurer’s Office. After the conversion to the state’s equipment, the county’s older printers were taken to Hoisington for inclusion in the continuity of operations equipment roster.
• Built and installed a hard drive connected to the county’s e-mail system.
• Installed equipment at Road and Bridge.
• Set up a netbook for the county clerk.
• Assisted in printing payroll checks as a replacement laser printer.
• Under a new federal law, Health Department records will need to be stored on a common electronic system by 2014. Research for meeting the criteria is beginning.
• Training on the CRS database and SQL 2008 continues.
• To help maintain the county’s website, department personnel have enrolled in a class at Barton Community College.