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County addresses vet memorial rumors
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There have been rumors circulating about the Veterans’ Memorial at Golden Belt Memorial Park and Barton County officials want to allay any misconceptions.
Administrative Assistant Diana Watson said her office talked to residents who think the memorial is only for World War II vets, that active military personnel can’t be included, that someone has to have been born in the county, that they have to have been buried in the county, as well as others. These are all false.
The county continues to accept engraving applications for the memorial. The center stone, featuring seals of all US military branches, has been set.
In order to be eligible for an engraving, the veteran must have lived in Barton County at some point and be honorably discharged from the military. Those currently serving are also eligible.
The project is not limited to one conflict nor to any one branch of the service. All Barton County veterans are welcome to apply for an engraving.
There is a $45 line charge (21 character spaces), two line maximum. With 1,080 lines available, it is anticipated that 500 to 700 more applications will be accepted. For information, contact the Barton County Administrator’s Office at 620-793-1800.