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County to produce its own ID badges
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In the classic 1948 Humphrey Bogart movie, it may well have been an overstatement when the immortal line was uttered: “We don’t need no stinking badges!”
As it turned out, badges might have come in handy in that motion picture and they certainly will for county employees under a plan that was discussed this week by the Barton County Commission.
Commissioners approved an update to the county employee handbook that addresses the use of security and identification badges.
Emergency Risk Manager Amy Miller explained the changes came as the county staff has worked on updating its policy from wording that calls for “security badges” to the use of “identity badges.”
The plan is for the badges to be produced by county staff and for them to use a county logo and photo identification. The badge will also include information about the department, job title and an expiration date.
Not only can they be used as a security badge when county officials work in reaction to a disaster or some other emergency, but Miller added the badges will provide proof when county workers are in the field, such as when Appraiser Office staff are working. The identification badges will also be useful for county officials who are traveling and need to prove they qualify for special rates or for tax exemptions.
County Clerk Donna Zimmerman said the badges will also be important for her staff when they are in the field, working on elections.
Miller noted that because of a Homeland Security Grant, the county acquired equipment that is capable of producing the picture identification badges.