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Deadlines are approaching for April election
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Time is growing short to get ready for the next local election, according to County Clerk Donna Zimmerman.
“Now is the time for registered voters in Barton County to apply for advanced ballots for the April 3 Primary Election,” she explained.
“Any registered voter may contact the County Election Officer of Barton County either by mail, by phone or in person for an application for an advanced voting ballot,” Zimmerman added.
There are several ways to get the applications, the county clerk explained. “Applications may also be downloaded from the County Clerk’s web site at  
“Signed applications may be delivered or mailed to the county clerk, or faxed to 620-793-1990. Upon receipt of such completed and signed application, the County Election Officer shall provide said elector with an advanced ballot for the General Election.”
 There are, however, safe guards to make sure the elections are accurate, Zimmerman also noted.
“An elector cannot apply for a ballot for another voter. An elector can vote in the office of the Barton County Clerk until noon on the day preceding the election.”
Other details involving the advanced ballots include:
• All advanced ballots must be delivered to the County Election Officer before the close of the polls on the day of the election. 
• Affidavits of Assistance forms are available to assist another elector in the application and voting processes. 
• A registered voter no longer has to be “sick or disabled” or “out of the county” on the day of the election in order to vote in advance of the election. 
• Ballots will not be counted until election day.
Important dates in the election include:
• March 30 — Deadline to apply for advanced ballots to be mailed.
• April 2 (noon) — Deadline for voters to vote advanced ballots in person in the office of the County Clerk/Election Officer.
• April 3 — Deadline for sick/disabled/illiterate voters to apply for an advanced voting ballot.
• April 3 — Advanced ballots must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m.