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Drivers, look out
Treasurers Office to be closed to vehicle functions
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Motorists beware, Barton County Treasurer Kevin Wondra said.
From Tuesday, May 2, through Monday, May 7, his and other  county and state offices will not be available to handle vehicle title work, renew vehicle registrations, or handle drivers licenses or other identification cards as the state installs a new computer system.
“People will need to look ahead,” he said. There has been publicity on this change, but Wondra wants to make sure residents are prepared.
The Kansas Department of Revenue is upgrading to a new system for titling and registering vehicles. Those who have license plate registrations or driver’s licenses that expire in April or the first week of May are urged to renew no later than Monday, April 30.
Wondra said his office won’t have access to any motor vehicle software the first week of May. Drivers who have temporary or dealer permits that will expire during the shut-down need to get them taken care of before hand, he said. Failure to act would render the vehicles illegal to drive.
This rush could create a backlog and longer than usual wait times. So, Wondra asks that, if possible, the customers don’t wait until the last few days of the month.
“You can mail them in (during the shut-down), but they won’t get dealt with until the system is up and going,” he said.
The Treasurer’s office will still be open to the public and will be able to do all tax work, including taking payments on the second half tax payments due by May 10, Wondra said.
However, the drivers license office will be completely closed to the public during that time span, Wondra said. There will be no one there and no phone calls will be taken.
Kansas Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite said the new computer system will replace three aging mainframe systems used for driver licensing, motor vehicle titling and registration, and inventory management with a single system that is easier to use.
“This switch to 21st-century technology will allow the state, and the county treasurers who are our valued partners in vehicle registration, to deliver services to the people of Kansas more effectively,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is improved customer service and efficiency, and we greatly appreciate our customers’ cooperation in planning ahead as we make this important transition.”
The DMV will convert 6.8 million vehicle registration records to the new system.
For more information, contact Wondra’s office at 620-793-1831 or at