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Drivers who dont yield will get expensive reminder
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Great Bend Police Department Capt. Bob Robinson is concerned that the “near misses” at a local school crossing are going to get near enough that a child is going to be injured, or worse.
Robinson said the issue is important in all school crossings in the community, but right now the problem has been most prevalent at 24th and Washington where the crossing guard and several children were almost injured recently.
He explained that the problem involves drivers who fail to yield to the crossing guard’s stop sign as they turn while students are being crossed.
That stop sign carries the same weight as a stationary stop sign, plus the law stipulates that the children have the right of way, Robinson explained.
The crossing guard was following her regulations when the failure to yield incidents occurred, the captain added. “She is going at the green light with the kids.”
The danger comes with a driver is also headed in the same direction as the children, but turns as they are attempting to cross in front of the car.
The law stipulates that the driver has to stop before turning and wait for the children to be crossed, and for the guard to get back out of the way, before they complete their turn.
Robinson said those who refuse to follow the traffic law will receive a reminder in the form of a traffic ticket. Police officers will be enforcing the issue, so those who don’t yield to the crossing guard will get an expensive lesson.