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Ellinwood High School FBLA sponsors Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce coffee
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On Friday, April 24, members of the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce attended a weekly coffee hosted by the Ellinwood High School FBLA chapter.  Sponsor Lorie Betts opened the program, asking each member to introduce themselves and talk about the projects they participated in at the state competition, and whether they would be attending the national competition to be held in Chicago during the summer.  Nearly half the members appeared on stage at the state competition, something Betts noted was much better than hoped for.
“Ellinwood high school members placed more times, and with higher scores than Blue Valley North,” she said.  The high school located in Overland Park is a division 6A school that has been among the top 100 schools in the country in recent years according to Businessweek magazine.    
Some of the members also attended FBLA leadership conferences in Minneapolis in the fall, and related their experiences.  
This provided FBLA members a chance to talk about their fundraising efforts for the trip.  Last weekend, they had a rummage sale and did very well, President Cody Woodruff said..  They are going to make and sell bierocks and cinnamon rolls at the high school cafeteria  on Saturday.  Finally, they are selling pinwheel flowers for $5 each.  They hope purchasers will “plant” them in their front yards to help raise awareness of their cause.  

Coffee talk
Chamber Director Jacque Isern introduced Brittney Glenn, Ellinwood’s new ambulance director.  She formerly worked with Great Bend 911.  She began on April 6.  
Frank Koelsch, the outgoing mayor, introduced Bud Newberry, the city’s new administrator.  The former city planner from Derby recently moved to Ellinwood, and will be at the city council meeting on May 12.  At that meeting, Irlan Fullbright will be sworn in as the new mayor of Ellinwood after the completion of old business.  
The Sentinel Gallery, owned by Reneen and Aaron McCaffery, will be open Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m., featuring the artwork and photos of local artists.  
Claflin will have an all-city yard and garage sale on May 2.  The Ellinwood Chamber partnered with merchants in Claflin in 2014 to cross promote each community.     
The Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce meets each Friday at 10 a.m. for coffee.  Locations vary.  Next week, members will attend the grand opening of Ellinwood’s new wellness center on the second floor of the Sunflower Bank Building at 13 N. Main.