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Heartland ferments local band Homebrew
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Practicing in Kyle Jeffreys garage in Hoisington, the band Homebrew can rock just about any song you like. Here they sing Led Zeppelin at one of their (rare) group practices. The room in the back of Jeffreys garage has its own garage door that can be opened to the rest of the garage for entertaining. The room is complete with air conditioning and full facilities. Pictured, from left, are Cody Cale, Ryan Hammeke, Aaron Hammeke and Kyle Jeffrey. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

HOISINGTON — Offering great music and a good party, home grown boys Kyle Jeffrey, vocalist, Cody Cale, lead guitar , Ryan Hammeke and Aaron Hammeke, drums sing to the beat of their own drum at area musical events. The group played at every major event in the county this summer.
The musicians, which have been together for about five years, they think, just have fun playing music. Although each one has children, full-time jobs, and some marriages, they love music, playing for others and having fun.
“We like to play songs people want to dance to,” said Aaron. Truthfully, they admitted, after five years together, they don’t practice much together, except for big events for the technical aspects.
“There’s got to be a 100 songs in my head,” said Jeffrey who is the lead singer. He does admit to occasionally having to make things up, which makes the rest of the band laugh.
“It’s easy when you have great musicians,” said Jeffrey. “It’s like being married to three people-the more you’ve done it, it works.
“These are my best friends,” he said. “Yes, it works.”
Each one of the young men has had a long history of music and playing in bands prior to working together.
Brothers Aaron and Ryan Hammeke are Jeffrey’s cousins. Aaron played drums for Cale in a high school band. Kyle and Aaron had played in a couple of other bands as well.
Cody said that the Hammeke family reunions were really unique in that there was a lot of music.
“I thought every family did that,” said Jeffrey.
 Although originally not a guitar player, and after the years passed after graduation from high school, Ryan took up a new instrument, bass guitar, and the rest is history. With all four members living in Barton County five years ago, the group had a couple of jam sessions and quickly decided to take the show on the road.
The group developed its name while eating at Mo’s Place in Beaver. Mo brews his own beer which gave us the idea, but when we realized that all of the members of the band were born or “homebrewed” in Great Bend, and they were all sold.
The group plays rock, classic rock, country, pop or just about anything.
It’s not all easy though. “The music is fun,” said Ryan. “Setting up and tearing down is work.” After playing all night, they then have to lug all of the equipment out of the arena at 2 a.m. and some of the sound equipment is quite heavy and expensive.
The band was in agreement that the best event so far has been opening for Little River Band in Hays. Plus, they didn’t have to tear down or set up equipment.
To book the band, message them at Homebrew on Facebook. They will be playing at Charlie’s Place at 9 p.m. Friday.