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Holy Family School honored for 5th time
new slt Holy Family alternate

Students at Holy Family School in Great Bend cheered for academics on Friday, when Principal Karen Moeder announced the school had won the prestigious Governor’s Achievement Award for the fifth time. The award is based on the results of last year’s math and reading assessment scores.
Only 42 elementary schools in the state received this award, after students’ scored in the top 5 percent of all public and private schools for both assessments, and met a state attendance measure.
Holy Family School was wrapping up Catholic Schools Week on Friday, and all of the students and teachers entered the gym expecting to see a demonstration of cup stacking. Moeder said she’d just learned of the award on Thursday and surprised everyone with the news at the beginning of the assembly. She held up one of the previous Governor’s Achievement Award trophies and announced they’d done it again.
About 100 Holy Family students in grades 3-6 took the state assessment last March.
Each year when test time rolls around, teachers hand out some “thinking food” in the form of red and white peppermint candies. The students have already studied and know how to solve problems, Moeder said, but they look forward to this fun ritual which is intended to calm the brain and focus the students.
“We always pray before our tests,” Moeder added. Again, this helps them approach the assessments with confidence and determination.
That all comes after more than a semester of preparation. Moeder said the school’s curriculum, which incorporates cursive handwriting and music education into its subjects, plays a part in the success of the school.
“We also have an exceptional group of parents, students and family,” she said.