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Housing, marketing city top Council goals
City's vision statement also discussed
new deh city goals pic
Improving housing availability is one of the key goals set by the Great Bend City Council Monday night. Shown is a construction site in Amber Meadows Wednesday afternoon. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

The Great Bend City Council will revisit the city’s mission statement when it meets Monday night. The statement, adopted in 2001, reads:
The City of Great Bend is committed to becoming The Premier Community by being Open For Business.
Vision milestones
We earnestly seek after:
• Leadership from the government body to set forth clear, meaningful strategies.
• Encouraging our youth to become involved in our community.
• Imparting the vision that our future depends upon the participation of its citizens to persevere as the community creates its future.
• Improving our community we are proud to have helped establish as the premier, regional anchor trade area.
• Lowing taxes by increasing value-added industry and services in order to increase our current tax base.
• Producing economic opportunities by providing new and ongoing quality jobs.
• Promoting a vital regional market place that is aimed at developing thriving, successful retail, commercial and industrial trades.
• Providing safety in our community.
• Supplying competent employees to satisfy current and future job expectations.

Housing, marketing city top Council goals


The Great Bend City Council Monday night tried to gaze into its crystal ball to chart a course for the upcoming year as it met for its annual goal-setting session.
City Administrator Howard Partington said the council went through priorities one by one, looking at what council members wanted to keep in their sights for 2013-2014. The meeting took about an hour.
The Council has done this yearly for 30 years, Partington said. “It’s a time for them to review what they’ve done in the past and set plans for the future. It helps them know what to focus on.”
The Council looks at goals from the previous year and decides what needs to be tweaked and what needs to remain the same.
“It also gives them a chance to guide the staff,” Partington said. “This way, the staff knows what to concentrate on and it makes them aware of the Council’s priorities.”
 The goal session fell on the heels of the Council’s tour of city facilities last Friday. “That was a chance for them to get out in the field, see what’s going on and talk to the department heads,” Partington said.
After taking the tour and setting their goals, he said Council members are better prepared for the upcoming city budget work session in July.
Below are the goals in three subject areas listed in the order of importance set by the governing body:

Continue strong economic and
community development efforts
• Housing – single and multi family – new, rental, and lodging
• Support local businesses and industries
• Attraction of new businesses, industries, retail, and entertainment
• Make the convention center usable in the short run and look at long-run usage
• Continue to grow and enhance the sports complex
• Continue local, state and federal partnerships  

Continue to improve
image and attitude
• Keep the public informed on city projects and activities
• Market and promote our community
• Continue to concentrate on youth in our community
• Encourage and enhance events, festivals and activities  
• Enhance code enforcement, demolitions, and clean up efforts
• Continue to make Great Bend family friendly
• Maintain and enhance quality of life

Budget and financial
• Be a good steward of public money through the budget process
• Support for continuation of the one-half cent sales tax
• Continue infrastructure improvements
• Transfer to and build funds for capital projects/improvements
• Pursue grants when in the best interest of the city

Also discussed was the city’s vision statement adopted in 2001.
The Council Monday night discussed it and it will appear on the agenda for Monday’s regular Council meeting.
Partington said the statement is good, but officials may want to make sure it remains relevant to the city’s current situation.
The statement reads: “The City of Great Bend is committed to becoming The Premier Community by being Open For Business.”