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Local cowboy sets world record in steer roping
BY STAFF and PRCA Reports
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ELLINWOOD — Although he is new to the Barton County area, Cody Scheck of Ellinwood recently set a world record in steer roping.
He knew he’d been fast on his third-round run at the Old Fort Days Rodeo in Fort Smith, Ark. on June 2, he just didn’t know that he’d been the fastest ever at 7.7 seconds. His fastest time prior to this was 8.6 seconds.
When he heard the time,  Scheck’s first thought was “well, that’s not possible — no way.
“I sat on my horse and looked over at the (other competitors) and they looked at me,” said Scheck. “Everybody was totally silent.”
The cowboy was just as surprised as anyone that he won the world record. When the time was repeated, Scheck said to himself, ‘holy crap, did that just happen?’
He attributes his success to “luck and going fast.”
Being a cowboy is not an easy life. Scheck spends much of his free time practicing and travelling to rodeo events, all of which he pays for out of his own pocket. The rodeos pay varying amounts for prizes.
His goals for the future include winning a world championship. He was 2005 Rookie of the Year, and he made the national finals several times.
It is also not a sport without danger. Scheck’s finger was cut off during team roping.
“I like competition,” he said. Roping involves skill but also trusting his horse.
Scheck grew up on a farm where his Dad taught him roping skills. “I enjoy it,” Scheck said. “I’ve done it my whole life.”
He has also worked at breaking colts all of his life and has hit the ground a few time during that task.
Scheck owns three horses and likes to name his horses in pairs. He was riding his horse FBI when he won the world record. FBI’s pair is IRS.
The Kansas native, who  was born in Norton and grew up in Dighton, has recently moved to a home halfway between Great Bend and Ellinwood. In 2009, Scheck received a degree in ag business with animal science.
In between rodeos, Scheck works as a ranch hand.