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Mitchell eligible for parole hearing
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A man serving prison sentences for robbery in Barton and Pawnee counties, and additional crimes in other counties, is eligible for a parole hearing in May. The Kansas Parole Board has announced public comment sessions that will take place in April.

Kevin L. Mitchell, 48, is in a high to medium level of custody at the El Dorado Correctional facility. His active convictions start with theft in Russell County in 1979, and include theft and burglary in Barton County in 1980, as well as aggravated robbery and unlawful possession of firearms in Barton County in 1981, followed by two counts of robbery in Pawnee County in 1992, and theft in Sedgwick County in 2008.

Another inmate with an area conviction who is eligible for a parole hearing is Charles Curtis Hunter, 48, who is incarcerated in a maximum security area at Larned State Hospital. He has multiple convictions for both rape and aggravated burglary, all in Douglas County, but also has one conviction in Pawnee County, for battery against a youth center officer in 2005.

There will be a public comment session on April 7 at the Hays Public Library, located at 1205 Main in Hays, and additional comment sessions April 22 in Topeka, April 25 in Kansas City and April 26 in Wichita. Written comments may be mailed to Kansas Parole Board; Landon State Office Building; 900 SW Jackson St., Room 452 S; Topeka, KS 66612-1220.