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Mull praised for saving others as plane crashed
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A person identified as “A Bellevue Mom” on social media site praised Glenn Mull as a hero for avoiding a collision with the YMCA. The letter ( is printed below:
Dear Kansas friends and family of Glenn Mull,” the letter began, “I know you are shocked and grieved by the news that Glenn, his wife, daughter, and granddaughter all lost their lives in a plane crash yesterday evening in Nashville. I can imagine that it’s difficult to bear the fact that they died so far from home, among strangers.
I want you to know, though, that their plane went down in the heart of a community filled with people who shared Glenn’s obvious affinity for family. Within Nashville, Bellevue is like a small town, one that values family and relationships with others above just about everything else. Our community grieves with yours today over the loss of Glenn and his family – and we are deeply grateful for the courage and strength of Glenn Mull in his final moments.
Witnesses said that just before his plane crashed shortly before five yesterday afternoon, it banked sharply to the right, hitting a tiny patch of grass in the center of a very busy area. I want you all to know exactly what that busy area must have looked like to Glenn Mull as he circled our neighborhood in the minutes before the crash. He had reached the most bustling section of our community at the busiest time of day. He would have seen hundreds of homes with cars in the driveway. A Kroger packed with shoppers. An assisted living community. And an enormous YMCA, where hundreds of families were streaming in and out to swim in the indoor pool, exercise, and take classes.
Glenn didn’t know this, but school was cancelled for our kids yesterday, and so a larger than usual number of them were at the Y with their parents. Some experts are saying now that the last-second sharp turn Glenn made in the seconds before the plane crashed indicates that he made a heroic decision to hit the one spot in the immediate vicinity where no one on the ground would be hurt. I, for one, believe them.
The crash site is literally a few yards from the YMCA’s indoor pool, where dozens of our children were enjoying their day off. It was right beside the Y’s new workout room, which would have been packed with moms and dads at that time of day. I know many of the people who were swimming with their children when the plane went down, or heading into the Kroger next door, or who ran outside their homes to see what the loud buzzing noise in the sky was, or whose teenage children were heading to the Y or to the church next door for basketball practice. Glenn managed to spare all of their lives.
And for that, we could not be more grateful to him.
We are all talking today about Glenn Mull, the hero, who we believe had the extraordinary courage and presence of mind to save our families, even as he realized he couldn’t save his own. We grieve with you today, but we hope you’ll take some small comfort in the fact that we here in Bellevue will never forget this husband, father and grandfather from Kansas who was able to do something that now seems nearly impossible under the circumstances. It is nothing short of a miracle that no one on the ground was hurt or killed- and we owe that miracle to God and to Glenn Mull.
Our deepest, most heartfelt sympathies go out to all of you who knew and loved him, Elaine, Amy, and Sami.
A Bellevue Mom