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Officers buy flagpole for police department
new slt flagpole

It’s been several years since Old Glory flew from a flagpole at the Great Bend Police Department, but that will change this week. On Friday, thanks to a donation from the Fraternal Order of Police, a new pole was installed.
Detective Terry Millard said members of the FOP voted unanimously to finance the project, with the blessings of Chief Dean Akings. Once they started working on the project, they got a lot of help from local businesses.
Suchy Construction arrived at the police department Friday afternoon and dug a 6-foot hole. The FOP paid for a tiered pole that is 38 feet, 3 inches tall. It was made by Garb’s Welding Service, and Warren Brothers sandblasted and painted the pole. Wheatland Electric brought a truck to lower the flagpole into the hole, and Great Bend Redi-Mix donated the concrete to set the pole.
The old flagpole stood on the northeast corner of the lot, in front of the Municipal Court building. Around 2005 or 2006, a storm blew through Great Bend and stripped the roofs off of several buildings, and left the pole leaning over Lakin Ave. The new pole is closer to the buildings and directly in front of the police department. A light that shone on the old flagpole was repositioned to light flags on the new one.
Millard said the first flag will be raised this week.