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Princesses for the day
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Each of the girls participating in the Hoisington Labor Day Princess Contest received a trophy. From left is Keeley Nichole Pflughoeft, Sarah Grace Lovett, Maycee Raelyn Parr and Melody Arlene Braddy. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

HOISINGTON — Resplendent in jewels, colorful ballerina dresses, and twirling and blowing kisses to the friendly audience, the Hoisington Labor Day Princess was once again coronated the 116th annual Hoisington Labor Day Celebration.
Sarah G. Lovett, daughter of Mark and Krisit Lovett, was named princess . The 1st runner-up was Melody A. Braddy, the daughter of Aaron and Devon Braddy.
The second runner-up was Maycee Raelyn Parr, daughter of Eric and Reagan Parr, and the third runner-up was Keeley Nichole Pflughoeft, daughter of Brittani Nettleingham and Jeremey Pflughoeft.
“What a difficult job it is to judge,” said Megan Luck, mistress of ceremonies. The judges were Becca Harmon, Michelle Moshier and Missy Pflughoeft.
Melody likes baking and playing with her sister. Sara liked racing her mustang down the alley and ice cream, Maycee wants to be a dancer and Keeley wants to be a performer.
“All of the girls are winners,” said Luck when the placement was announced.
The winner received a cash award, a savings bond and momento.
Aira McGilber, Ian McGilber and Maxwell McGilber sang while the audience anxiously waited for the results.
There are still plenty of activities left this weekend in Hoisington.