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Registration system is not closing down yet
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Barton County Treasurer Kevin Wondra wants the public to know that, though the state has announced you can’t renew your vehicle tag and registration over the past week, you really CAN renew your vehicle tag and registration over the next week.
Wondra said Kansas residents whose renewals would routinely be coming due after Dec. 1 have received notifications in with their renewal reminders that state the renewals would not be possible from Dec. 1 through Dec. 7 because that was when the state was to have changed over its computer system, affecting all county treasurer offices in the state.
But that change has been postponed, Wondra said. Unfortunately, it appears the state has not made that announcement as public as was the announcement that the system would be closed for a week.
It’s led to a couple of busy days as people have hurried to get business done before the closing — which is not going to happen now.
Wondra had explained to the Barton County Commission earlier that the change over has been postponed because the state is not ready yet.
Since then, he explained, he’s been informed that the change won’t happen until after the first of the year and state officials have promised they will give county offices 45 days notice before they make the change.
Wondra told the commissioners that, though his office has put a lot of work and invested a great deal of money into getting ready for the change, the extra time will allow his staff a better opportunity to get used to the new system before it actually goes into effect.
“They’ll do some more publicity, letting people know. We’ll do some more publicity,” before the change.
When ever the new system goes on line, it will still mean the renewal process will be stopped for about a week as all of the data is changed over, he explained.
He said he’ll make sure the public knows about it as soon as possible.