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Effort restores local landmark
new lgp holyroodfrevertbuildingpic1
First floor of the Frevert general store on original town site at 5th Road and Avenue U. Was used by the township to store equipment.


HOLYROOD - These days it seems easier to tear down old buildings than to repair and save them. One Holyrood businessman decided that was not going to happen to a two-story lime stone building on Holyrood’s Main Street.

In 1880, H.C. Frevert constructed a three-story lime stone general store on the original Holyrood town site about 1/2 mile south of the current site. When the railroad was built north of the town site Frevert saw the benefit of being closer to the tracks. He dismantled the top two stories stone by stone reconstructing the two floors at its present location. The building was later sold to the Kraft family and used for various businesses through the years.

According to H&B Communications general manager and president, Rob Koch, "We purchased the building and replaced the roof which had leaked for years causing damaged to the floors. As we prepared for the 125th Jubilee an architect was brought in to check the building. He determined that the front supports on the first floor were damaged and needed replaced." Koch hired Harbin Construction L.L.C. from Salina to replace the supports. Alan Beck will replace the front steps and do the finishing work on the building.

"It was sad to watch the historic lime stone building across the street go down," Koch said. "It had been neglected for years to the point it was unsafe. We wanted to save our building if possible."

Holyrood will celebrate its 125th Jubilee on July 21 to 23. Thanks to the Koch family this years parade, like hundreds of parades before, will pass by the historic building at the corner of Main and Santa Fe. For more information about the Jubilee go to