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Severe weather changes, doesnt stop with cold
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Unless you’ve been trapped in your basement, you probably have noticed that the seasons are changing, and that means there is going to be a change in what local officials anticipate in the way of severe weather — probably.
Maybe not, though.
Great Bend Police Department Capt. Bob Robinson said that it wasn’t a mistake when the “noon siren” didn’t go off Tuesday.
Siren testing, which is conducted throughout severe thunderstorm season has been stopped for the fall and winter. The testing will start up again next spring.
However, as safety officials have explained previously, it is possible to have severe thunderstorms during most of the year, so the sirens could still sound. If they do, Robinson warned, it means that people need to take cover.
The area is also entering that part of the year when other forms of severe weather need to be planned for.
Snow, ice, bitter cold can all be life-threatening in the weeks and months to come, so it’s still a good idea to plan ahead and pay attention to the ever-changing weather, they warn.