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Spring and music in the air
new vlc GBHS-jazz-band-pic.gif
GBHS Band director Mark DeWald directed the GBHS Jazz Band through three pieces kicking off the 2013 Spring Contest Concert Monday night. - photo by VERONICA COONS, Great Bend Tribune

The Panther Jazz Band pumped up the audience at the GBHS Panther Bands Spring Contest Concert Monday night with their opening rendition of Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock.  It was a night to celebrate the accomplishments of the high school music program and a select group of accomplished musicians who competed at the state level earlier this spring.   Senior band members also recognized and thanked their parents for the support offered through the years of their young music careers.
Following the Jazz Band, the Junior Varsity Band performed four pieces finishing with a Beach Boys medley.  Then the Class of 2013 took the floor, accompanied by their parents, and band director Mark DeWald congratulated them reminisced about the various trips the band had taken together since he began working with the class as eighth graders.  As freshmen, the attended K-State Band Day, followed by a trips to Houston and Kansas City, finishing with a return to K-State Band Day earlier this year.  
“Thank you seniors for all you’ve done,” he said.  “We’ll be missing you next year so please keep in touch.” (See video of the recognition ceremony by clicking this hyperlink or going to )
The Varsity Band then took the floor and opened with The Heart of Rock and Roll by Johnny Collar and Huey Lewis, dedicated to the parents in the audience.  The seven-minute thrilling Seagate Overture, however, provided an excellent showcase of the skill level of the band overall (see video of the performance by clicking on this hyperlink or going to ).  
DeWald recognized band members who competed at the regional level.  Performances are scored on the following rating scale :  1=superior; 2=excellent; 3=good; 4=fair; 5=poor.  

Regional Contest Results:  Soloists receiving ones were: Taylor Lampe, trumpet; Nathan Brungardt, bari-saxophone; Catherine Barrington, flute.  Twos were awarded to Michelle Rooney, euphonium; Megan Wesley, Anna Frizell, Taylor Dougherty, clarinet; Abigail Rose, Athena VanderMeer, flute; Estella Schumacher, Ben Diel, trumpet.  Kaitlynn Tuey and Alexis Woods, clarinet, received threes.
The Brass ensemble of Taylor Lampe, Estella Schumacher, Stephanie Langer, Genesis Rose, Logan Boyd Michelle Rooney, Kayn Milholland received a one.
Ensembles awarded twos were:  Mixed Woodwind Trio of Peter Marston, Megan Wesley and Rachael Gros; the Clarinet Trio of Anna Frizell, Maycie Hestand, and Sarah Keller; the Trombone Trio of Genesis Rose, Kira Bunn and Logan Boyd, and the Percussion Quintet of Shastian Schad, Maxwell McGilber, Kayn Milholland, Kira Bunn and Rachael Gros.  The Woodwind Trio of Macey Hestand, Sarah Keller and Gabe Zorn received a three.  

State contest results were as follows:  Catherine Barrington, flute, one; Taylor Lampe, trumpet, two; Nathan Brungardt, bari- sax, two;  Brass Ensemble, two and Varsity Band and Junior Varsity Bands, two.  

The Great Bend Orchestra Concert for grades six through 12 will be at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15 at 7 p.m.  The GBHS band grades nine through 11 will play at graduation on Sunday, May 19 at 5 p.m.