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State nixes restroom grant
Convention Center architect discussed
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At Monday’s Great Bend City Council meeting, City Administrator Howard Partington presented an update on the activities of various departments and offices. Below is a recap of that report.
• Received notice from the Kansas Department of Transportation that the city’s pending application for a Scenic Byways Grant to install restrooms at Stone Lake was not awarded.
• Suchy Construction will begin work on the 2012 curb and gutter replacement project this week.
• The city’s architect selection committee met last week to discuss the architect selection for the Convention Center and will make a report at the Oct. 1 City Council Meeting.
City Sanitarian
• 814 year to date complaints, 82 new complaints (15 from citizens and 67 by staff), 51 complaints completed by citizens, eight abatement notices sent, two abatements performed and 13 cars removed.
• Officer Jefferson Davis and Susie Guenther met with Barton Community College representatives to begin work on the 10th College 2 Community Event which is tentatively set for Oct. 24.
• The Sergeants and Corporals promotions were completed and took effect earlier this week. Promotions were as follows: Officer Jason Settle – sergeant; officer Rod Weber – sergeant; officer Jay Bachar – corporal; officer Billy Paden – corporal; and officer Joe Johns – corporal.
• City Inspector Lee Schneider is reviewing plans for Plaza Azul addition.
• Two firefighters completed and passed their six-month probation test
• Capt. Kevin Stansfield, firefighter Lucas McNally and firefighter Nick Maddy represented the Great Bend Fire department at the 911 memorial stair climb at Kansas City on Sept. 9. They each climbed 110 floors in full bunker gear and air pack as part of the team. Each team member carried with them the badge of a firefighter that died in the twin towers. There were 68 departments represented from seven different states.
• All members attended a three-hour class on agriculture emergency.
• Continuing to market, share and expose the Bikes, Bombers & Butterflies Weekend in Great Bend. As well as co-facilitate Airfest planning and efforts.
• Held Retail Roundtable meeting on Sept. 10 and group decided to move forth with “$1,000 to Explore Great Bend” promotion where stores, restaurants, attractions and all businesses can share in getting locals to get out and explore. Participating stores will “buy in” and hold a variety of different activities each week. Winner of the $1,000 will be announced after Holiday Parade and money will be spent at stores that were involved. It will also be promoted in social media.
• Update on Shopping Survey. So far 473 people have taken the shopping survey online, next step is to make printed copies and share with doctors’ offices locally to get the general public who do not have online access. The goal for completed surveys is 1,000, answers on the survey will help retailers find out what the public wants from local shopping.
• Numerous members of city staff continue to work on a number of economic development prospects.  
• Partington attended an area managers meeting in Junction City Friday and the main topic of discussion was Junction City’s financial struggles. Officials there now report that they are on the road to getting things straightened out.