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Tax sale numbers are up for 2012
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Barton County Treasurer Office staff are keeping busy with a larger-than-normal number of properties that are on the list of tracts on which taxes are still owed. The county commission approved beginning the process that leads to the annual tax sale, this week.

2012 is similar to other years.
The year opens with the initiation of efforts that lead to the collection of back taxes on Barton County real estate.
But 2012 is also different from other years, according to County Treasurer Kevin Wondra, because there are more parcels at risk this year than there have been in the past.
Each year, efforts begin early to handle the parcels on which back taxes are owed, and Monday that process began for this year, according to information from the county.
The Barton County Commission approved a resolution Monday that, “authorizes certain tracts of real estate for tax years 2009 through 2011 with delinquent taxes and those properties not sold during the tax sale held in 2011 to be sold for auction. 
“The monies collected at the tax sale would be used to pay the delinquent property taxes on the tracts. 
“This money is then distributed to the various taxing entities in the county.   
“This resolution also authorizes abstract work to be performed in preparation for the tax sale.”
This year the county is starting with 356 properties, plus three that didn’t sell at last October’s sale, Wondra explained, for a total of 359 properties on the sale.
That number will undoubtedly drop quickly as properties are brought up to date. That is in keeping with other years as well.
Nevertheless, Wondra explained, the county is beginning the year with a larger number than it has in recent years.
Usually, Wondra noted, the year begins with about 200 properties on the list.
As the year progresses, there are several deadlines that owners can meet to keep the collection process from continuing and the first comes early next month.
By Feb. 10, he said, the properties still on the list will go to the abstract office for legal work to show who officially owns each tract, and that will add another $65 to the cost of the actual taxes, so it is better to get the property brought up to date before then.