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Three fake $100s turned in to police
Counterfeit money passed at BK over weekend
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Great Bend’s Burger King is out $300 and the Great Bend Police Department received three counterfeit $100 bills this week.
A BK employee turned the bills over to the GBPD on Monday. The police report lists both the Burger King at 3929 10th St. and the U.S. Treasury in Washington, D.C., as victims. Lt. Bill Browne said the bills were passed at the restaurant over the weekend, sometime between 5 p.m. last Friday and 3 p.m. Sunday.
These were the first fake $100s to show up in a while, although there have been recent reports of counterfeit $10s in Great Bend. Usually these have been discovered by the financial institutions where the receipts were deposited.
It was unclear whether the bills at Burger King were the result of one or multiple transactions.
According to the Associated Press, Barton County isn’t the only place where businesses have reported receiving counterfeit money of late.
Salina police say several businesses reported receiving counterfeit $20 and $100 bills over the weekend. Police Capt. Mike Sweeney said four fake $100 bills were used to purchase a prepaid Visa card at a convenience store, and two counterfeit $20 bills were used at the same store Sunday afternoon.
A different store reported receiving three counterfeit $20 bills on Saturday, while another took in two fake $20 bills on Sunday, according to the Salina Journal.