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CBH Surgical Services have broadened scope
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Clara Barton Surgical Services has always offered a broad range of services, but many patients don’t know how broad. Surgery, scopes, and consultations are all under the umbrella of medical care provided at Clara Barton Hospital and Surgical Services. With a talented health-care team, they have even been able to expand services to offer breast care.
This addition allows Clara Barton Hospital to provide a continuum of women’s health-care services. A partnership through the specialty outreach clinic with Dr. Christine Sanders of Hutchinson Regional Medical Center makes OB-GYN services available. Dr. Sanders specializes in menopausal medicine, infertility, vaginal surgery, and general gynecology. These special services are in addition to the well woman exams that providers in Clara Barton’s family practice offer.
With surgical services now welcoming patients in breast care, women will have a local option for many of their health-care needs. The team at Clara Barton Surgical Services includes Leah Alpers, P.A.-C., Dr. Jeremy Howes, and Dr. P.J. Stiles, with an addition of many talented health-care professionals. They are able to address a variety of concerns, along with offering treatments for benign and malignant breast conditions and breast pain.
“Keeping  health care in one place makes it easier for our patients, and easier for health care staff to provide accurate information,” said Betty Evers, radiology director. Clara Barton Hospital is able to offer digital mammography, ultrasounds, and minimally invasive ultrasound biopsies. If a patient does require surgery, the surgical team offers breast surgery as well.
“Having this service available in our area is important,” said Leah Alpers, P.A.-C. “Traveling can add to the patient’s stress and create additional stress. We are happy to be able to provide this service for people close to home.”
Patients who should talk with their family doctor about seeing Clara Barton Surgical Services include anyone with a lump, lesion or cyst, as well as those with a high risk of cancer.