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Galliarts appointed to lead Great Bend Christians
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Siblings Ed Galliart and Crystal Galliart have been chosen to administrate the Great Bend Christians ministry, said Mike Richardson of City Church Ministries.
Previously, Richardson launched “to connect Christians and ministries.” The continued growth of this outreach prompted him to approach the Galliarts.
“They have both happily accepted and have already been doing an amazing job assisting with new members and various needs,” Richardson said.
 “Crystal was the woman who stepped out and organized the prayer vigil for Alicia DeBolt after her death, which brought literally thousands of people to the courthouse square to be with the family in honor of Alicia. Ed her brother was also instrumental in all of that coming together. I am honored to have them a part of Great Bend Christians and I know they will continue to do a wonderful job bringing people together in time of need.”
The next step for City Church Ministries is to expand to other communities while developing a statewide administrators’ network. A Larned Christians group has already formed. With administrators in every community, the envisioned network would connect ministries throughout the state.
“For instance, if Larned were to get struck by a tornado ... administrators from Larned could make an emergency post on a statewide network that would immediately notify every administrator in the state of Kansas,” Richardson explained. “Those administrators could then in a matter of minutes post an emergency message on their city’s community page, bringing the need before the people in their town. Within minutes or hours of a disaster we could see hundreds or thousands of individual Christians and ministers across the state heading for the disaster area with search teams/food/supplies. ...
 “This vision is huge, but I believe this will change how Kansans come together in time of need in a big way,” he continued. “And the amazing part is this is all being done in a very free and open format by bringing the needs before the people abroad. We are launching a campaign to fund this work and ramp up our efforts to do this in other cities as well. We are asking anyone who can to please help with this work as it spreads across the state. People can find out more information about that at”