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Heartland Farm offers 'Farming and Spirituality' retreat
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Heartland Farm, located in rural Pawnee Rock, will hold a “Farming and Spirituality” workshop, Aug. 21 and 22.
Sr. Marilyn Pierson, OP, explained the purpose of this retreat.
“How can we come to better understand the world, divinity, and ourselves through cultivating the land? Farming is hard and dirty work, but through it we experience the empowerment of feeding ourselves and others, the wonder of partnership with creation, and the humility and humanity of humus. Join us at Heartland Farm for a weekend of prayer, meditation, discussion, and labor as we explore in physical and spiritual ways how Oneness with the Earth heals.
“This workshop is for anyone from full-time farmers to backyard gardeners to folks who are just curious, of any religious or spiritual affiliation or lack thereof. We hope to benefit from a range of experiences and perspectives.”
The retreat will start at 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 21, and run all day on Saturday, concluding at 4:30 p.m. Those coming from far away are welcome to stay for an extra night at additional cost. The basic rates of $100 per person, $75 if camping, include all activities, one night’s accommodations, dinner Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.