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Jehovahs Witnesses Begin Gods Word is Truth! Conventions
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Jehovah’s Witnesses are planning for their annual conventions and an accompanying campaign to invite the public to attend. This year’s convention theme is “God’s Word is Truth!” The Witnesses are launched this series of conventions in the United States during May and
will continue the programs worldwide through the end of December.
“The convention theme this year is significant because it underscores a core family value for Jehovah’s Witnesses,” states John Harris, spokesman for the Witnesses. “Witness families embrace the Bible as the most trustworthy guide and source of advice in these troubled times. And we feel that the public will likewise benefit from and enjoy the varied and practical program.” Mr. Harris notes that personal Bible study is a priority for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Each week, Witness families devote an entire evening to Bible study and research, which they call “Family Worship.”
“The Convention this year will provide families and individuals with fresh new resources for family and personal Bible study,” Mr. Harris adds. “And this is the ‘something new’ that Witnesses anticipate receiving each year from our convention programs.”
An event will be held on July 5 - 7 at Century II Convention Hall, 225 W. Douglas in Wichita.
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