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Responses to Boston reveal beliefs
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As you are aware, we have suffered an attack on hundreds of innocent victims in America at the Boston Marathon. The scene, as I watched it, was almost surreal. People down on the race track which was full of blood and even body parts. First responders and volunteers rushed in to take down barricades in order to render aid.
Wonderful sympathy has been expressed by many for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. At the scene, many volunteered to help in any way they could. The first responders at the scene were excellent, well trained professionals. The families from Sandy Hook that were there for the race in the finish line bleachers were whisked away so they would be protected. Families in Boston immediately opened their homes for the runners. People from all over the nation have sent their support.
Prayer and support from Christian organizations like Culture Shield, Hope for the Broken Hearted, a number of churches and church organizations, as well as conservative organizations like Red State, Tea and the ACLJ. I listened as several prayed while on the air. There have been at least two funds set up for aid of victims with money pouring into them. These are all real examples of the great hearts of those who wanted to help in any way they could.
On the other side, there was immediate political opportunism. Just moments after this terrorist attack, members of the mainstream media used this opportunity of grief, death, and shock to further their agenda by painting the members of conservative groups as radical, dangerous, and violent extremists. They had absolutely no evidence to connect any member of these folks to this violent terrorist act. Of course, within 24 hours these all proved to be false. The attackers were Chechnyan Radical Muslims with a suspected support network.
What is the Biblical response to this kind of tragedy? First of all, we Christians are to forgive the terrorists (Matthew 6:14) and render aid is being done. However, Romans 13 makes it clear that justice must be done by government to protect its citizens. Pray for the victims and their families. Pray for those who were not involved, but witnessed it. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Pray for the Muslims that they may have opportunity to come to Jesus. (Matthew 5:44) Last of all, pray for this nation. (1 Timothy 2:1-2, 2 Chronicles 7:14) We need God back in the center of our citizens’ lives, as well as those who rule in Washington.
I will end with a statement by Susan Stamper Brown.  “Whether we like it or not, the world is full of people who are bent on taking out their anger and frustration on the innocent. Take heart; the short time we spend on this planet is not all there is to living. There is a hereafter, so it might be wise for each of us to figure out where we are headed here after . ... God gets it. He understands our hurts. He feels our pain. ... He cries along with us. ... Someday, we will look back at this brief moment we called life ... and exceptionally bad days like Monday in Boston will somehow make sense ... in light of eternity.” Jesus is still the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6) Do you know Him? If you do, He will help you through this. If you don’t, this would be a good time to turn to Him.

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