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Why Christmas Matters at Trinity Lutheran Church
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The Christmas holiday as a remembrance of the birth of Christ has rich significance, theologically and spiritually, for all.


There has long been two variations on the Christmas theme.  There is the version in which Christmas is largely a commercial enterprise.  At its best, this version is an exercise in generosity, and an opportunity to remember the fundamental importance of family and charity.  At its worst, it is an unseemly weeks-long binge of expenditure and acquisition, an exercise in consumerism and materialism, where we do not celebrate the power of God so much as an observation and demonstration of the power of credit cards and advertising.


The other version of Christmas commemorates the entrance of an eternal God into the world and history, a God who is Spirit and Love, a God who became incarnate in the person of Jesus, who came to provide the Way and the Truth and the Life for all.  Jesus was not born just to give us a holiday.  Jesus was born as the first part of God’s plan to deliver man out of sin.  God’s plan for sending Jesus is complete only when we accept Him.  Jesus is truly the Savior of the world.  Celebrating His birth is a time of great love, peace, joy, and compassion.


God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten son, so that every person who puts his faith in him will be reconciled to God and brought to live with Him forever.


Finally, God showed us in Christmas what it means to love.  Yes, Christmas gifts are shared in memory of the magi and the gifts they brought from afar to a King being born.  Yet the ultimate Gift-Giver in the Christmas story is God.  God shows us, in Christmas, what it means to give. God did not give objects and artifacts; he gave himself, restored us to a right relationship with Him.


Shouldn’t the first gift you open this Christmas be from God?  You are invited to our celebration and the miracle of God’s gift and love-the birth of Jesus Christ.  Worship with us at Trinity Lutheran Church Saturday December 22 at 6:00pm, join with us for the Cantata service “The Christmas Promise” Sunday December 23 at 8:00 and 10:30 am.  


Celebrations on Christmas Eve at Trinity begin with the Family Worship at 7:00pm and the Candlelight service at Trinity is at 11:00pm and can be heard on KVGB- 1590AM.


Christmas Day our service is at 10am, let this be the first gift to yourself, commemorating Jesus’ birth with friends and family at Trinity Lutheran Church.

This guest column was submitted by a member at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2701 24th St., Great Bend.