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April Marriage Licenses and Divorce Filings
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April Marriage Licenses
Jaime Arroyo-Arzate, Great Bend and Guadalupe Tarin-Rodriguez, Great Bend
Justin Wayne Campbell, Hoisington and Jessica Leigh Barlow, Hoisington
Cody Allen Stone, Great Bend and Kaylene Laurine Marie O’Connor, Great Bend
Auden Galindo, Great Bend and Alicia Segura, Great Bend
Derek Randall Nicholson, Hoisington and Brittni Ray Nicole Brown, Hoisington
todd Willis White, Great Bend and Melinda Jane Galliart, Great Bend
Ever Holguin, Pratt and Nora Elia Leyva, Great Bend
Pedro Arturo Valenciana, Great Bend and Nicole Maria McHenry, Great Bend
Zachary Minson Baird, Hoisington and Addie Lou Herres, Hoisington
Brian James Ellerman, Great Bend and Mary Gail Ellerman, Great Bend
Jose Manuel Mendoza, Great Bend and Hilda Emma Zumia, Great Bend
Travis Jon Kaiser, Ellinwood and Caryn Aileen Mong, Ellinwood
Zachary Steven Eisenhour, Great Bend and Heather Grace Trimmer, Great Bend
Michael Sean Scothorn, Great Bend and Stephanie Michelle Higgins, Great Bend
Roy Dominguez Campos, Great Bend and Yosabet Ramirez, Great Bend
Jose Guadalupe Guerra, Great Bend and Ana Marie Fabelo, Great Bend
Orlando Rodriguez Lopez, Great Bend and Griselda gonzalez Amaya, Great Bend
Kyle Andrew Dreiling, Great Bend and Erin Michelle Baize, Great Bend
Brance Duane Barnard, Hoisington and Shayla Janae Esfeld, Hoisington

April Divorce Filings
Jasmine Lynn Helstowski vs Christopher Scott Helstowski
Joyce A. Villalobos vs Joe A. Villalobos
Leticia Rodriguez vs Victor Castellanos
Loren Naugle vs Abby Viola Naugle
Shirlee S. Pineda vs Adalberto G. Pineda
Travis J. Nagle vs Anna Marie Mickle
Janice Lynne Hamby vs Ronnie Lee Hamby Jr.
Brian Dean Fischer vs Kath Ann Fischer
Jama R. Nicholas vs Aaron C. Nicholas
Jason Quesenbury vs Rache  Quesenbury
Jorge Portillo Rojas also known as Jorge Rojas Portillo vs Jennifer L. Rojos
Kenneth Ray Gray vs Rita Wanjiku Gray
Gretchen G. Rodriguez vs Edgar Rodriguez
Kimberly Jan Johnson vs Brian James Johnson
Kendra Barker vs Nathan Barker
Blythe J. Byers-Porter vs Timothy P. Porter
Virginia May Wuller vs Karl Edward Wuller Jr.,
O. Annette Craddock vs Dale A. Carddock
Thomas D. Parsons vs Meghan S. Parsons
Stacy L. Denning vs Anthony C. Denning