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Barton County Jail Log, March 27 - March 29, 2015
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Barton County Jail
Booked March 27
Evelyn King, Claflin — Contempt of court
Andrew Taylor, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Raquel Salcido, Great Bend — Failure to appear
Justin Walker, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Sarah J. Bretches, Great Bend — Furnishing alcoholic liquor to a minor
Reynaldo Martinez, Great Bend — Operating vehicle without a valid license, flee and elude, obedience to traffic control, no insurance
Chad Wornkey, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Russell Miller, Garfield — Serve sentence for Stafford County
Walter Vasquez-Enriquez, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Kevin Saunders, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Dustin Chambers, Hoisington — Failure to appear
Sheri Balli, Hoisington — Driving while suspended

Released March 27
Christopher Morris, St. John — $528.50 own-recognizance bond
Raquel Salcido — $200 cash bond
Sarah J. Bretches — Per County Attorney Office
Tyrone Shalondale Clark — $50,000 surety bond
Reynaldo Martinez, Great Bend — $500 surety
Kimberly Jackson — Own recognizance
Dustin Chambers, Hoisington — $2,500 cash/surety

Booked March 28
Troy White, Ellinwood — Driving under the influence, no proof of insurance
Tonya D. Cope, Hudson — Serve sentence
Brandon M. Williams, Great Bend — Possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, criminal threat
Mark Miller, Great Bend — Probation violation, contempt of court
James Frank, Wichita — Failure to appear
Jose Franco, Great Bend — No driver’s license, no insurance

Released March 28
Sheri Balli, Hoisington — $2,500 surety bond
Alicia Hoeffner, Great Bend — Served sentence in full
Jeffery Caro — Own recognizance; transported to Sedgwick County on their charges
Troy White — $2,500 surety bond
Marcus Meadows, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Walter Vasquez-Enriquez, Great Bend — Served sentence in full
Brandon Mark Williams — $10,000 surety

Booked March 29
Ashley Immediato, Great Bend — Driving while suspended, illegal transportation of liquor
Richard Musil, Great Bend — Possession of marijuana, illegal transportation of liquor
Russell Saari, Hoisington — Stalking, violation of stalking order
Ashley Williams, Great Bend — Failure to appear
Bo Jack Coley, Great Bend — Probation violation

Released March 29
Jose Franco, Great Bend — $500 surety bond
Richard Musil — $2,500 surety
Ashley Immediato — $500 surety
Andrew Taylor, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Justin Walker, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Ashley Williams, Great Bend — $500 surety bond
Chad Wornkey, Great Bend — Serve sentence