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Ellinwood court docket Sept. 24
on the record
OTR for Aug. 22, 2016

Erin Baker, expired tag, diversion revoked

Erin Baker, no insurance, diversion revoked

Erin Baker, disobeyed stop sign, fine $133.50

Erin Baker, no insurance, fine $800

Erin Baker, animal neglect, payment review Oct. 22

Erin Baker, animal confines, payment review Oct. 22

Erin Baker, inoperable vehicle, fine $158.50

Erin Baker, inoperable vehicle, fine $100

Juvenile, no driver’s license, diversion revoked

Juvenile, obstructed taillight, fine $103.50

Alexis Blackwood, speeding 40/30, pay review Oct. 22

Alexis Blackwood, illegal registration, pay review Oct. 22

Alexis Blackwood, no insurance, dismissed

Jayce Christiansen, disobeyed stop sign, dismissed

Mark Dale Jr., no seat belt, dismissed

Mark Dale Jr., driving while suspended, fine $358.50

Mark Dale Jr., no insurance, fine $300

Mark Dale Jr., unlawful use of driver’s license, dismissed

Alex Delgadillo, illegal registration, dismissed

Alex Delgadillo, no insurance, review Oct. 22

Alex Delgadillo, speeding 48/30, fine $136.50

Ryan Dietzenbach, no insurance, dismissed

Ivan Dominguez-Torres, domestic violence battery, review Oct. 22

Cole Embry, expired tag, continue Oct. 22

Keaton Erb, no driver’s license, dismissed

William Farris, no Kansas vehicle registration, continue Oct. 22

Isaak Fischer, driver’s license violation, dismissed

Luis Guerrero, unlawful nuisance – yard, progress review Oct. 22

Luis Guerrero, environmental code, progress review Oct. 22

Amanda Haugen, driver’s license violation, dismissed

Amanda Haugen, illegal registration, dismissed

Jon Hughes, no brake lights, fine $103.50

Robert Hunt, expired driver’s license, dismiss

Robert Hunt, no insurance, fine $358.50

Derrick Ketch, illegal registration, payment review Oct. 22

Derrick Ketch, driving while suspended, payment review Oct. 22

Derrick Ketch, no insurance, payment review Ocrt. 22

Jesus Lujan, disobeyed stop sign, continue Oct. 22

Jesus Lujan, driving while suspended, continue Oct. 22

Derek Muller, driving while suspended, continue Oct. 22

Marvin Petz, no insurance, continued Nov. 26

Brayden Powell-Rand, no insurance, continue Oct. 22

David Standlee, disobeyed stop sign, diversion pending

David Standlee, no insurance, diversion pending

William Sturtz, improper backing- accident, dismissed

Danny Thomas, driver’s license violation, fine $108.50

Danny Thomas, no insurance, continue Dec. 10

Tierra Weber, suspended driver’s license, dismiss

Tierra Weber, speeding 62/40, fine $166.50

Kelly Williams, inattentive driving, dismissed

Kelly Williams, no driver’s license in possession, dismissed