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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - February 14
on the record

Nola Leyva, no drivers license, pled not guilty
Nola Leyva, speeding 47/30 (work zone), pled not guilty
Callie Gustus, failure to stop at stop sign, fine $75, court costs $58.50
Shannon Mawhirter, drive left of center, pled not guilty
Shannon Mawhirter, no proof of insuranace, pled not guilty
Oscar Campos, no driver’s license, failed to appear
Oscar Campos, failure to stop at red light (work zone), failed to appear
Tiayah Dimitt, dog at large, fine $25, court costs $58.50
Ryan Hamby, driving while suspended, fine $750, amended charge no valid drivers license
Zackery Jacobs, speeding 49/30, dismissed without prejudice
Zackery Jacobs, flee or attempt to elude poice officer, dismissed without prejudice
Haley Schwager, driving while suspended, failed to appear
Patricia Berger, noisy animal, continued to June 13
Cody Garrett, battery domestic violence, continued to Sept. 12
Erin Baker, battery domestic violence, continued to Sept. 12
Angela Jury, driving while suspended, fine $500, court costs $58.50
Amber Shuler, theft, fine $50, court costs $55.50, continued to March 14