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Fire damages one semi cab in Hoisington Saturday morning
Cabs unoccupied, tankers empty at time of blaze; no one hurt
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The cab of one semi was totaled and a second sustained slight singes as one of the vehicles caught fire early Saturday morning in Hoisington.

According to Hoisington Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jerry Stricker, firefighters responded to a lot at Railroad Street and S. Main Street in Hoisington a little after midnight Saturday morning. Two semis with fuel tanker trailers were parked next to one another there when the power unit of one of the cabs caught fire. The unit, cabin, and engine compartment of that semi were completely engulfed when firefighers arrived.

However, Stricker said, winds were predominantly blowing away from the second semi, and its cab received only minor singes, and no significant damage. Both tanker trailers, which normally carry fuel, had been emptied before the vehicles were parked for the night, and neither tanker sustained damage, and both remained intact.

Stricker also indicated neither cab was occupied at the time of the fires, and no injuries were reported in the fire.

No other structures were damaged.