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Great Bend Municipal Court
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Note: This article has been update.

October convictions and fines

Julia Alarcon, driving with view obstructed, $111
McKenzi Kae Alvarez, violate flashing signal, $111
Elvia Deyanira Arteaga, unauthorized minor, $161
Barry D. Baird, disobey traffic control device, $111
Wesley Powell Balun, speeding 14 mph over, $103
Roberta S. Barlow, fail to yield from private drive, $111
Lila M. Beltz, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Deborah S. Betes, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Matthew L. Beverlin, fail to yield at stop sign, $192
Merle A. Biehler, spilling loads on highway prohibited, $111
Casey Blackburn, inattentive driving, $111
Alan Scott Bobbitt, improper parking, $25
Jolena M. Boker, inattentive driving, $111
Jeremy Wayne Brashear, theft, $61
Jeana Belle Brickley, speeding 16 mph over, $109
Brenda K. Brown, spilling loads on highway prohibited, $111
Sara Beth Bruce, no proof insurance, $376
Janet K. Bybee, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Nathan Lynn Case, no proof insurance, vehicle license; illegal tags, $426
Christopher Donald Cates, inattentive driving, $111
Jose Crus Contreras-Nunes, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Robert Lee Cregger, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Maggie Jo Crenshaw, no driver’s license, child safety restraint system, defective wiper/obstructed windshield, $436
Kirsten L. Curran, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111
Alyssa Kate Dickson, criminal damage to property, $363
Iceylene Edwards, driving while suspended/revoked, $311
Christopher John Ellison, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Kay L. Engleman, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Trevis Gene Epp, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Leobardo Espino Jr., seat belts (18 and older), $71
Leobardo Espino-Nunez, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Zebulon T. Flynn, speeding 13 mph over, $100
Holly Ann Foster, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Taylor M. Frack, inattentive driving, $111
Richard Tito Gonzales, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct, $411
Alvin H. Grose, improper U-turn, $111
Brenda Fae Gross, no driver’s license, $326
Miguel Angel Guiterrez, violate flashing signal, $111
Jared Langley Hainer, obstruct legal process, $261
Cynthia Ann Harris, seat belts (18 and older), $283
John R. Heins, follow too close, $111
James Howard Henkle Jr., violate flashing signal, $111
Joan R. Henning, inattentive driving, $111
Jeffery A. Herdman, improper driving on laned road, $111
Brittany Nicole Hill, driving while suspended/revoked, fail to yield at stop sign, $376
Amanda S. Hockmuth, disobey traffic control device, $111
Alicia Diane Hoeffner, obstruct legal process, $161
Alicia Diane Hoeffner, battery, $311
Bettylou M. Hood, disobey traffic control device, no driver’s license in possession, $161
Colby Hopkins, disorderly conduct, battery, $61
Evelin Samantha Huitron, dog at large, $111
Jason Andrew Humphrey, driving while revoked habitual, $736
Tina Marie Jackson, speeding 18 mph over, $115
Montana Ice Jones, obstruct legal process, unlawful use of a driver’s license, $721
Cody L. Keeton, dog at large, $111
Charlotte A. Keiswetter, dog at large, vicious dog, $161
Joshua Matthew Kirk, driving under the influence, $1,661
Rebecca A. Kumle, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Elsie Learned, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Jordan Michael Levingston, fail to yield/approaching left, $111
Eric Lee Likes, no driver’s license, fail to yield at stop sign, $376
Jose Luis Luna, illegal transportation of liquor, $161
Alycia Jean Madsen, driving while suspended/revoked; vehicle license; illegal tags; no proof insurance, $726
Shelly J. Mallow, violate traffic control signal, $111
Curtis E. Mauler, improper parking, $25
Cassandra Dawn Maupin, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Charles Everitte McHenry III, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Amber Lynn McIntyre, speeding up to 10 over-school zone, $111
Joseph Grant McNett, no driver’s license, $326
Matthew M. McNett, speeding 12 mph over, $97
Cindy I. Meadows, speeding 15 over-school zone, $126
Kimberly Sue Menzer, battery domestic violence, $411
Karen L. Moeder, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Tony R. Moffatt, speeding 20 over-school zone, $141
Alberto Morales, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Jacquelyn Marie Morrell, park/stand/stop prohibit area, $25
Angelica Mosqueda, dog at large, $141
Larry Dee Olson, no driver’s license, speeding 12 mph over, $612
Krista Deann Palmer, limited time parking zone, $25
Tina Marie Pechanec, inattentive driving, $111
Karla Isabell Perales, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Derek J. Petz, vehicle license; illegal tags; use of one-way glass, $161
Damian Michael Pflughoeft, unlawful hosting minor/alcohol, noise complaint, $1,611
Anita M. Phillips, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Sanjuana Piedra-Ochoa, no driver’s license, $326
Amanda L. Preeo, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111
Miguel Angel Ramirez, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Julie D. Ratzlaff, theft, $761
Brittney Nicole Reed, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Dina Victoria Resendiz, parking in alley, $25
Sandra Reyes, no driver’s license, follow too close, $376
Leopoldo Rincon Jr., no proof insurance, no driver’s license, $911
Nicholas Van Ray Roberts, turn between intersections/park, $61
Angela Marie Rodriguez, dog at large, $161
Ann Rogers, vehicle license; illegal tags, $91
Nereyda Sanchez, limited time parking zone, $25
Lee R. Smith, speeding 14 mph over, $103
Patricia L. Smith, defective head lamps, $91
Alicia Dawn Straub, inattentive driving, $111
Susan E. Tammen, speeding 11 mph over, $175
Susan E. Tammen, no proof insurance, $588
Eric John Tauscher, battery domestic violence, $411
Tonya Taylor, speeding 14 mph over, $103
Jonathon Adam Turner, speeding up to 10 over-school zone, $111
Cory L. Vandergrift, fail to yield at stop sign, $111.

Jasmine Lucero Velasco, driving while suspended/revoked, no driver’s license in possession, speeding 15 mph over, $406
Aron Engriquez Villegas, no proof insurance, loud music from vehicle, $456
Juventino Villegas, no proof insurance, $426
Cheryl Lynn Wagner, speeding 14 mph over, $103
Jason Earl Welcher, battery, $276
Dianna Lee Werick, theft, $376
Brandon Mark Williams, battery, $361
Jennifer Dawn Wilson, speeding up to 10 over-school zone, $111
Loyce J. Wilson, speeding 13 mph over, $100
Teresa Jo Wondra, fail to yield/approaching left, $111
Jesus G. Zendejas-Luna, criminal damage to property, $853.50

Total number of defendants: 114; total number of offenses: 136