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Great Bend Municipal Court
October convictions and fines
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October convictions and fines

Roxanne Allende, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Cole Donald Amick, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Gerald W. Anderson, improper turn or approach, seat belts (18 and older), $121
Baldomer Arenivas-Armendariz, driving while revoked habitual, $1,061
James Lynn Aumiller, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Jason Daniel Bitter, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Jannifer Boucher, speeding 13 over - school zone, $139
Ray Leon Bouray, driving while revoked habitual. $676
Levi Scott Brake, no driver license, $446
Robert Craig Bronson, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Chelsea Rose Brown, criminal damage to property, $576
Kenneth Charles Brown, criminal damage to property, $913
Marcus Anton Bryant, parking in front yard prohibited, $161
Jennifer Burkes, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Laura Lynn Campbell, driving under the influence, $1,393.50
Laura Lynn Campbell, inattentive driving, $111
Darlene Case, defective mirror, $91
Michelle Wadette Cavender, disorderly conduct, $361
Luis Carlos Cerna, driving under the influence, $61
Jessica Renee Chapman, theft, $1,676
Tyrone Shalondale Clark, parking/side yard prohibited, $161
Ruby E. Coleman, driving without lights/needed, $111
Shawnee G. Cross, failure to signal turn, $111
Robin R. Cullison, fail to yield at stop sign, seat belts (18 and older), $121
Carol Rose Davis, driving while revoked habitual, $576
Daniel J. Dean, park adjacent to school sign, $25
Imelda Desantiago, no driver license, no proof insurance, $626
Austin T. Deslauriers, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Sylvia Ann Deslauriers, fail to yield/approaching area, $25
Douglas Casey Diel, improper parking, $25
William Cody Dunn, obstruct legal process, driving while suspended/revoked, $1,181
Javier Farfan, driving under the influence, $1,061
Steven Favela, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Lawrence Fellhoelter, improper turn or approach, $111
Jesus Flores Jr., inattentive driving, follow too close, $242
Michael Charles Foster, unlawful use of weapons, theft of service, $461
Brian Eugene Franklin, theft, $1,1314
Javier Alonso Frayre-Herrera, no driver license, $561
Hector Garcia, driving while suspended/revoked, violation/interlock device, vehicle license; illegal tags; no proof of insurance, $3,112.50
James Tehel Gaunt, improper stop or turn signal, $111
Kimberly Griffith, improper backing, $111
Jesus Junior Guerra Jr., defective head lamps. $111
Oliver Anthony Guyton, battery domestic violence, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol, $823
Pauline H. Halfhill, fail to yield from private drive, $111
Geraldine S. Harris, speeding 12 mph over, $97
Renee L. Heaton, speeding 12 mph over, $97
Timothy Lowell Henry II, driving while revoked habitual, $551
Alfredo V. Hernandez, no driver license, $311
Daniel Alexander Hernandez, no driver license, $901
Miguel Angel Holguin, seat belts (18 and older), $71
Jeremy Lynn Hood, criminal trespass, $341
Sheila Renee Howe, no proof insurance, $676
Zaira Huitron, animal at large, no rabies vaccination, $161
Caleb Dean Keeten, speeding 13 over- school zone, $139
Joshua Ray King, violate traffic control signal, $111
Jordan M. Kottas, inattentive driving, $111
Brady Alexander Labahn, disturbing the peace, $161
Avery Justin Lee, disorderly conduct, $161
Juana Leyva, dog at large, no rabies vaccination, $461
Ai R. Lin, no driver license, $326
Penny J. Lohr, speeding 11 over- school zone, $127
Caridad R. Lopez, driving while suspended/revoked, $431
Marshall L. Loreg, vehicle license; illegal tags, $241
Chance David Maes, speeding 15 mph over, $106
Elizabeth Munoz Martinez, driving while suspended/revoked, $486
Iris H. Abarca Reyes Martinez, no driver license, $326
Mark Mayhugh, speeding up to 10 mph over, $91
Deona L. McNutt, inattentive driving, $111
Taylor Allen Meitner, loud music from house, $161
Debra Deann Miller, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Vicente Montes-Campos, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Jerome Moore, driving while suspended/revoked, $561
Mark Alan Moore, violate traffic control signal, $111
Ysa Hernandez Munoz, improper parking, $25
Travis J. Nagel, inattentive driving, $111
Tahje E. Ochs, violate traffic controls signal, improper U-turn, $161
Sarah Marie Ogden, no proof insurance, $1,011
Arnulfo Hernandez Olivas Jr., no driver license, $826
Cynthia Renea Patterson, improper parking, defective mirror, $116
Samantha Peoples, driving without lights/needed, $248.50
Alvin Pleitez-Valles, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Rosa D. Poblano, improper backing, $111
Chantel Lee Poppelreiter, criminal trespass, $276
Johnathon Curtis Powell, battery domestic violence, $461
Diana Prado-Castro, vicious dog, no rabies vaccination, $481
Jordan Andrew Rector, defective head lamps. $336
Christopher J. Redetzke, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Shayla Kae Richmeier, defective mirror, $91
Epifania Rivera, fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Misael Rodriguez, dog at large, $111
Laura Haydee Rosa, no proof insurance, $386
Justin Dale Schwartz, speeding 11 mph over, $94
Thad C. Siebert, speeding 15 over-school zone, $151
Emilio Ortega Sheets, driving while suspended/revoked, $836
Laken Marie Shelor, no driver license in possession, $111
Andrea Lynn Short, theft of services, $396
Nohemi Silva, no driver license, $326
Tanya Marie Slack, seat belts (18 and older), $10
Andrea Cawley Smith, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Anthony Paul Smith, criminal damage to property, $559.33
Marcus Todd Snow, seat belts (18 and older), $233
Sherry Stemm, follow too close, $111
Kristin Stiebe, improper turn or approach, $111
Kody Dale Taylor, speeding 20 over-school zone, $181
Eduardo Torres Jr., no driver license, $996
Matthew Joseph Tracy, vehicle license; illegal tag, $361
Ralph Rosco Tuey Jr., fail to yield at stop sign, $111
Duke Lee Turner, no proof insurance, $426
Joe Robert Villarreal, theft, June 5, $426
Joe Robert Villarreal, theft, July 25, $382
Harold E. Wagner, speeding 11 mph over, $94
Brenda J. Zimmerman, illegal parking, $25

Total number of defendants, 110; total number of offenses, 127