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Great Bend Municipal Court July fines and convictions
on the record
OTR for Aug. 22, 2016

Tammie Angel Aguilar, fail to yield at stop sign

Jason Russell Anderson, basic speed rule/unsafe speed

Thania Sarahi Armendariz, no proof insurance

Margarita Ayala, fail to yield at stop sign

Jason Lee Battaglear Jr., park/stand/stop prohibited area

Leroy William Bowers, theft

Leroy William Bowers, criminal damage to property

Steven Lee Brock, theft

Marcus Anton Bryant, Battery domestic violence

Janine Renee Burton, speeding up to 10 mph over

Rosario Chavarria-Luna, no driver’s license

Keerati Chumpor, fail to  yield at stop sign

Sean Galen Clark, driving while suspended/revoked

Jaxen Richard Davis, follow too close

Cody Wayne Day, criminal use of financial card (March 18)

Cody Wayne Day, criminal use of financial card (April 2)

Shelley Marie Elsen, disobey traffic control device

Brianna Alixis Feist, criminal trespass

Erin Renee Feldman, disobey traffic control device

Ivan Garcia, disobey traffic control device

Karla Priscilla Garcia, driving under the influence

Sharon Genevieve Gillaim, no proof insurance, fail to yield/approaching left

Stephanie A. Goerl, inattentive driving

Juvenile, violate flashing signal

Phillip Ray Harris, inattentive driving

Sierra Mariah Hernandez, driving while suspended/revoked, vehicle license; illegal tags

Carol Marie Hopkins, inattentive driving

Loren James Hopkins, fail to yield/approaching left

Annissia Rose Johneece Houp, no driver’s license, no proof insurance

Jeremy Kendall Hunter, duty to give information/aid, no proof insurance

Jeremy Kendall Hunter, harassment by telephone

Robert J. Ingham, inattentive driving

Christopher William Jeska, speeding up to 10 over-construction

Mary Francis Joiner, inattentive driving

Christopher Neil Keener, criminal damage to property

Harold D. Kimple, improper backing

Christopher Gentry Knox, battery

Tatum Lislie Knox, disorderly conduct

Scott A. Koehler, speeding 20 mph over

David J. Ledesma, fail to yield at stop sign

Jose I. Martinez, speeding 21 over-construction

Jeff Lee McVey, follow too close

Devin Wayde Messersmith, speeding up to 10 over-construction

Antonyo Danjuan Miller, driving while suspended/revoked

Juvenile, inattentive driving

Billy Gary Mitchell Jr., dog at large, vicious dog

Juvenile, basic speed rule/unsafe speed

George K. Moon, driving under the influence

Juvenile, no driver’s license in possession, improper turn or approach

Michael Shane Moore Jr., criminal trespass

Fernando Moreno-Orona, speeding 13 mph over

Derek R. Muller, no proof insurance

Earlene Dea Naab, criminal trespass (April 3)

Earlene Dea Naab, criminal trespass (April 4)

Carlos Nunez, no driver’s license, disobey traffic control device

Gabriel Scott Oddo, battery

Simone Palmer, inattentive driving

Keylin Dean Phelps, follow too close

Carey A. Promes, speeding up to 10 over-construction

Garrett Tyson Rebel, inattentive driving

Taylor Louise Regan, inattentive driving

Juvenile, possession of cigarettes by minor

Jonathan Peter Scott, fail to yield at stop sign

Juvenile, inattentive driving

Jesse John Siefkes, disobey traffic control device

Danny Eugene Smith, parking disabled & other vehicle

Geddy Lee Summy inattentive driving

Jeffery Eugene Swenson, improper turn or approach

Sara Jane Tavarez-Hernandez, dog at large

Miguel Alejandro Bar Tercero, fail to yield/approaching left

Bailey A. Tracy, dog at large

Rosemay Werdahl, disobey traffic control device

Antonio Zubia, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance

Total number of defendants: 69. Total number of offenses: 85.