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Great Bend Municipal Court - November Convictions and Fines
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Luisa Yoselin Alcala-Reyes, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Robert Carlos Amador, dog at large, $111

Travis James Begaye, disorderly conduct, $161

Christopher Warren Behnke, theft, $311

Christopher Warren Behnke, driving while revoked habitual, $498.50

Louis Paul Bennett, driving while suspended/revoked, $566

Aaron Matthew Bergmann, disorderly conduct, $246

Staci Louise Bittel, speeding 14 mph over, $103

Terry A. Boeken, fail to yield at stop sign, $111

Chase T. Boot, fail to yield/approaching left, $111

Richard Maurice Broils, disorderly conduct, $211

Debra L. Brown, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Mary Bertilla Brungardt, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111

Rodney W. Buess, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Shawny Hoyt Jacob Burch, harassment by telephone, $251

Bradley Robert Busby, speeding 11 mph over, $94

Joseph Oral Butts II, battery, $176

James Frederick Carlson, duty to give information/aid, vehicle license; illegal tags, $263.50

Chantz Clawson, speeding 12 mph over, $97

Randy Lee Corwin, speeding 10 mph over, $91

Morgan A. Cregger, seat belts (18 and older). $10

Stacey Leann Davis, no proof insurance, $376

Devon A. Delehoy, violate traffic control signal, $111

Stephen W. Disque, seat belts (18 and older), child safety restraint system, $131

Nicole Ranae Dixon, no proof insurance, inattentive driving, $4,401

Ismael Dominguez Jr., theft, $470

Elyse Ashley Duarte, driving under the influence, $1,061

Elyse Ashley Duarte, disorderly conduct, $240.65

Lacy Ann Elkins, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $111

Shawn Ray Epp, speeding 15 mph over, no proof insurance, $683

Brent James Esfeld, purchase/consumption/possession of alcohol, $561

Maria L. Estrada, disobey traffic control device, $111

Aaron Lee Fanatia, seat belts (18 and older), $71

Kurtis Dean Fischer, no driver’s license, $326

Aaron James Gamino-Pfaff, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Juan Carlos Garcia Jr., driving while suspended/revoked, $1,626

Stasha Morgan Gifford, speeding up to 10 mph over, $91

Carolyn K. Gray, no rabies vaccination, dog at large, $111

Devin Gross, theft, $276

Brett Randall Hayden, speeding 12 mph over, $97

Fausto Hernandez Jr., use of one-way glass, $111

Juan M. Hernandez, illegal transportation of liquor, no driver’s license, $411

Lidia M. Hernadez, no driver’s license, $476

Haley Denice Johnson, use of one-way glass, $91

Charles Ray Keener, speeding 15 over-school zone, $126

William Donald Kilgore, driving while suspended/revoked, $912

Adam J. Kortus, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Ryan Douglas Lang, violate traffic control signal, $111

Jorge A. Loera-Hernandez, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Jorge A. Loera-hernandez, speeding 12 mph over, $97

Hector A. Mata-Morales, unsafe speed for prevailing conditions, $111

Jeffery Lyn McCord, loud music from vehicle, $96

Dena Alese McManaman, driving without lights/needed, $91

Michael Wayne Mickle, parking in front yard prohibited, $111

Cipriana Montes, no driver’s license, $326

Jamie Leigh Moore, no proof insurance, violate traffic control signal, vehicle license; illegal tags, no driver’s license in possession, $576

Mauro G. Moreno, use of one-glass, $91

David Bradley Duane Nokleby, speeding 22 mph over, $129

Trent Michael Peters, speeding 13 over-school zone, $120

Herman Pitts Jr., no driver’s license, $326

Jeremy C. Prihoda, drive on left in no pass zone, $111

Nancy Quinn, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Brandon M. Ramsey, loud music from house, $111

Erika Adrian Raya, improper turn or approach, seat belts (18 and older), $121

Randall D. Reinhardt, improper driving on laned road, $111

Juan Antonio Sanchez Jr., disobey traffic control device, $111

Trey Michael Schartz, turn between intersection to park, $111

James C. Scheuerman, seat belts (18 and older), $71

Richard L. Schroeder, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Odessa D. Schussler, theft, $381

Sean Michael Shepard, criminal damage to property, throwing objects, $476

Adam Mathew Shull, driving while suspended/revoked (June 14), $561

Adam Mathew Shull, driving while suspended/revoked (June 16), $786

Rafael Silva-Sanchez, no driver’s license, unnecessary spinning of tires, $376

Laura M. Wilburn Stiles, dog at large, $161

Robert Lester Streiner, dog a large (June 20), $161

Robert Lester Streiner, dog at large (June 23), $161

Robert Lester Streiner, illegal transportation of liquor, $161

Alex Dawayne Tate, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $6911

Donald N. Thompson Jr., violate traffic control signal, $111

Joan E. Trebilcock, speeding 12 mph over $97

Silas E. Trujillo, speeding 15 mph over, $106

Oscar Manuel Valencia, purchase/consumption/possession of alcohol, $276

Todd P. Vanskike, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Alfonso Vazquez, no driver’s license, $326

Edgar Villalobos, loud music from vehicle, use of one-way glass, $146


Total number of defendants, 80; total number of offenses, 100