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Kidnapping conviction leads to probation
Derek Lysinger
Derek Lysinger

A Claflin man is on probation after pleading guilty to kidnapping and aggravated battery in a domestic violence case in Barton County.

Derek Hunstman Lysinger, 27, is in the custody of Central Kansas Community Corrections. He was sentenced on Feb. 26 for aggravated battery - intentional, great bodily harm, and kidnapping, both committed on Sept. 19, 2020.

Lysinger was initially charged with unlawfully confining a woman by force, threat or deception and impeding her normal breathing by applying pressure to her neck or chest. Barton County District Court records show he has previous domestic battery convictions and the victim was a woman he had a long-standing off-and-on relationship with.

When sentenced on Feb. 26 by District Judge Carey Hipp, Lysinger was ordered to have no contact with the woman, including attempts to harass, stalk or threaten her.

In exchange for Lysinger entering “guilty” pleas to two charges, other charges in the case from September and from a case filed after an alleged domestic violence incident on May 19, 2020 were dismissed.

Also as part of the plea negotiations, Lysinger did not receive the standard prison sentence, which could have been seven years and 10 months for the kidnapping charge.  In seeking a more lenient sentence that did not include prison time, defense attorney Richard Boeckman noted that Lysinger is “only 25 years old” and has a job. It was also noted that alcohol played a role in the crime.

Assistant County Attorney J. Colin Reynolds represented the state.