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November convictions and fines

Amy Elizabeth Arnold, disorderly conduct, $465

Elizabeth Grace Becker, improper turn or approach, $157.50

Robert A. Beyer, violate traffic control signal, $157.50

Ryan Anthony Bieberle, speeding 13 over-school zone, $208.50

Mason Michael Brackney, driving while suspended/revoked, $367.50

Michael Christopher Briggs, speeding 13 mph over, $145.50

Raymond E. Budig, inattentive driving, $157.50

Katelyn Mae Burke, inattentive driving, $157.50

Efrain Vazquez Carrillo, disorderly conduct, $197.50

Alejandro Castaneda-Cruz, no driver’s license, purchase/consumption/possession of alcohol, reckless driving, $847.50

Valeria Castillo-Venzor, inattentive driving, improper driving on laned road, $232.50

Gisela Chavez, criminal trespass, $382.50

Rex Branden Claxton, improper parking, $147.50

Deborah L. Davis, inattentive driving, $157.50

Gabriel Dwight Delgadillo, speeding 17 mph over, $169.50

Michele Renay Esfeld, fail to yield at stop sign, $157.50

Dianna Espinoza, no proof insurance, no driver’s license, $692.50

David Favela-Castillo, no driver’s license, $282.50

Brianna Tess Findley, disorderly conduct, $232.50

Wade Scott Foster, speeding up to 10 mph over, $127.50

Antoni Godina-Saenz, criminal damage to property, $440

Deontre Keith Hardiman, criminal trespass, $522.50

Dustin Lee Hawkins, criminal trespass, $292.50

Glenn Herl, inattentive driving, $157.50

Shayla L. Hernandez, no driver’s license, $447.50

Jessica Ruth Kuykendall, vicious dog, $690.66

Kortney Michelle Lang, disobey traffic control signal, $157.50

Lee Shelton Leon, criminal damage to property, $782.50

Jason Andrew Loss, criminal damage to property, $617.50

Victor Javier Luna, improper parking, $25

Desmond Sherod Lynch Jr., inattentive driving, $157.50

Lexen Denae McHenry, speeding 15 mph over, $157.50

Elias Moreno, inattentive driving, $157.50

Kenneth Robert Morris, disobey traffic control device, $157.50

Alberto C. Moure, inattentive driving, $157.50

Stormy Leanne Newell, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $157.50

Jazmin Joy Nunez, improper turn or approach, $157.50

Trevor Thomas Olsen, follow too close, $157.50

Alejandro Mitza Ovalle-Loera, disobey traffic control device, $157.50

Cheyenne Reba Roach, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $157.50

Priscilla Lee Rose, inattentive driving, $157.50

Melanie Sue Schaffer, speeding up to 10 over in school zone, $294.50

Ralph Rosco Tuey Jr., theft, $132.50

Steven Michael Turner, inattentive driving, $157.50

Juan Carlos Zamarripa, dog at large, $182.50

Sergio Zamarripa-Mena, battery domestic violence, $352.50