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On the Record for Aug. 30, 2011
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Authorities search for missing Malibu


A man told officers that his car was stolen Sunday afternoon as he was returning some movies.

The gray, 1997 Chevrolet Malibu was reportedly stolen from the Walmart parking lot shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday. The owner said he left it unlocked and running as he returned his movies, but returned to find his car was gone. He and another individual with a truck said they were able to follow the car as it traveled west on 10th St. past Patton Road, where the street becomes West Barton County Road. The Barton County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Highway Patrol looked for the car, and Rush County was notified, but it was not found.


Barton County Sheriff

A burglary at 199 SW 52 Ave. was reported Friday. Items were missing from the residence.

Two subjects were arrested for "felony possession" after the K-9 unit checked a suspicious vehicle at 32nd and Main, around 2 a.m. on Saturday.

A gun was allegedly stolen from 43 Cheyenne Ridge Road by a known person, it was reported Saturday.

Damage to a mailbox and possibly a newspaper box at 1175 NW 90 Ave. was reported Sunday.

Three brass gate valves owned by two oil field companies were reportedly stolen sometime Saturday night.

An accident in Russell County on Susank Road was reported at 3:50 p.m. Sunday. Hoisington Fire Department Ambulance and Kansas Highway Patrol responded, along with the Barton County Sheriff Office, performing an outside agency assist.

Theft of $240 cash from a student’s room at Barton Community College was reported Sunday.

Theft of a Traeger grill from the porch at 47 SE 50 Road was reported Sunday.


Great Bend Police

A cement bird bath at 909 Stone St. was broken sometime Thursday night.

A motorist in a small sport utility vehicle reportedly drove off from 1000 Main without paying for $46.35 in fuel, around 9:47 a.m. Friday.

Damage to the inside of a residence at 2607 Gano St. was reported Friday.

Evidence was booked as an outside agency assist on Friday, after an individual reported finding property stolen from Ellsworth County.

Theft of legal documents from 5900 Rosewood Dr. was reported Friday.

Alan Moran was in a vehicle stopped at the red light at 10th and Grant St. at 3:04 p.m. Friday when his foot slipped off the brake. His vehicle struck a vehicle driven by Loretta Kellar, who was stopped in front of him.

A motorist in a maroon Ford pickup reportedly drove off from 1315 10th St. without paying for 20 gallons of fuel valued at $70.92, around 5:05 p.m. Friday.

Someone shot the window on the front door at 1220 Van Buren St. with a BB gun, it was reported Friday.

An attempted burglary at 3212 18th St. was reported Friday evening.

Graffiti was found on the walking trail and bike path, it was reported Friday night.

A hit-and-run vehicle struck a legally parked vehicle at 4909 10th St.

Damage to yard lights at 2527 Walnut Dr. was reported at 1:40 a.m. Saturday.

An aggravated battery at 210 Fruit St. was reported at 3:48 a.m. Saturday.

A battery at 3200 10th St. was reported at 3:55 a.m. Saturday.

A burglary and theft at 2623 Forest Ave. were reported Saturday.

Theft of a 2005 Monte Carlo from 1307 Odell St. was reported at 10:05 a.m. Saturday. Later in the morning, an officer said he had been told the location of the car; another officer responded to 2801 19th St. and located it. The owner was contacted and picked up the car.

Theft of prescription meds from 4810 Eighth St. was reported Saturday.

A gas skip at 2334 Main was reported at 5:09 a.m. Sunday.

Theft of lawn furniture from 2201 Jefferson St. was reported Sunday.

Theft of jewelry from a vehicle at 2401 Coronado St. reportedly occurred some time in the past month.


Great Bend Fire Department

A trash fire in Dundee on the north side of the road (SW 60 Ave. and West U.S. 56) was reported at 12:49 a.m. Sunday. A burn permit was later located. The fire was put out by the GBFD to be restarted later in the day.

Firefighters made five ambulance runs on Friday, 11 Saturday and four Sunday.

On Friday they checked a possible gas leak at 4000 Sandpiper but found nothing.


Other fire departments

A small fire inside of a stock tank was reported at 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the 1800 block of NW 10 Ave. — 1 mile west of Susank and 1/2 mile south. Hoisington Fire Department responded.


Barton County Jail

Booked Aug. 26

Daniel P. Glaze, Great Bend — Stafford County warrant for contempt of court

Nikko A. Rodriguez, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Joel Munoz, Great Bend — No driver’s license

Tami L. Palacio, Salina — Contempt of court

Amber Morgan, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Heath L. Livingston, Hutchinson — Serve sentence

Tyler C. Brummett, Newton — Serve sentence

Thomas L. Penrod, Hoisington — Serve sentence

Nicole M. McHenry, Great Bend — Serve sentence


Released Aug. 26

Eric R. Rocha, Great Bend — $2,000 and $222 surety bonds

Jennifer D. Wilson, Great Bend — Per Judge Kitts; report to Community Corrections

George R. Willenberg, Hoisington — $325 cash bond

William Reinert, Great Bend — $1,000 cash bond

Joel M. Munoz, Great Bend — $250 surety bond


Booked Aug. 27

Juan Hernandez, Great Bend — Illegal transportation of liquor and no driver’s license

Juan Banda, Great Bend — Illegal transportation of liquor

Rusty Sievers, Great Bend — Driving while revoked, no proof of insurance, no tag and failure to have tail lamps, through Stafford County District Court

Ivan Garcia, Great Bend — Illegal transportation of alcohol

Jeffrey Raybern, Radium — Battery domestic violence

Casey Jording, Great Bend — Illegal transporting of an open container

Richard Musil, Great Bend — Possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and battery

Justin Williams, Great Bend — Domestic battery

Hernan Montez, Great Bend — Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia

Charles Demel, Hoisington — Failure to appear


Released Aug. 27

Richard Musil, Great Bend — $1,000 and $25,000 surety bonds

Rusty Sievers, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond

Casey Jording, Great Bend — $300 surety bond

Jeffrey Raybern, Radium — $1,000 surety bond

Juan Banda, Great Bend — $300 surety bond

Ivan Garcia, Great Bend — $300 surety bond

Justin Williams, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond

Juan Hernandez, Great Bend — $300 surety bond

Charles Demel, Hoisington — $500 surety bond


Booked Aug. 28

Jeffery Klepper, Ellinwood — Driving under the influence and illegal transportation of liquor

Shaylene Kasselman, Ellinwood — Driving under the influence and left of center

Edgar Rocha, Great Bend — No driver’s license


Released Aug. 28

Jeffrey Klepper, Ellinwood — $1,000 surety bond

Shaylene Kasselman, Ellinwood — $1,000 surety bond

Thomas L. Penrod, Hoisington — Serve sentence in full

Jerry Schempmann, Great Bend — Serve partial sentence

Troy Tutak, Great Bend — $500 cash bond

Nikko A. Rodriguez, Great Bend — Serve partial sentence

Amber Morgan, Great Bend — Serve partial sentence

Tyler C. Brummett, Newton — Serve partial sentence