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On the Record for Feb. 22, 2012
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Barton County Sheriff

A 60-year-old man driving through Barton County sustained several lacerations to his face when another motorist threw a plastic foam container full of liquid at his windshield. The man said he was driving west on U.S. 56 at 12:09 a.m. Sunday; he was just west of the Dartmouth elevator when the vehicle passed from the opposite direction and the other driver threw the container. Kansas Highway Patrol and Ellinwood Ambulance also responded.

Two women were arrested on battery charges around 2:20 a.m. Sunday after a fight at the bar at 206 North U.S. 281.

Deputies responded to a domestic call in the county Monday afternoon. The woman said her husband kicked her after she would not give him money to get a new tattoo.

A vehicle slid into the ditch a quarter mile north of Ellinwood on NE 100 Ave. at 5:55 a.m. Tuesday.


Great Bend Police

A theft from the Credit Union, 4708 10th St., was reported Friday.

Four tires were stolen from a 1980 Jeep parked in the driveway at 2107 Madison St., it was reported Saturday. Loss was $1,250.

Theft of metal trim behind a shop at 4915 Eighth St. was reported Saturday.

A sex offense was reported Saturday evening.

Kayla Simmons was driving south in the 2300 block of Monroe St. at 3:18 a.m. Sunday and swerved to avoid being struck by an oncoming vehicle. Her vehicle struck a parked vehicle.

A hit-and-run vehicle struck a parked vehicle in the 900 block of Baker Ave., it was reported Monday.

At 4:40 p.m. Monday, someone reported that a man suspected in a criminal report was in the Great Bend Public Library. Benjamin White of Great Bend ran from officers and was located at Lakin and Odell. He was taken into custody on outstanding warrants for contempt of court and obstruction.

A man reportedly entered a residence at 1815 Patton Road around 10:20 p.m. Monday, attempting to steal a television. Loss was $4 as a lamp was broken.


Great Bend Fire Department

Firefighters made eight ambulance runs Thursday, six Friday, five Saturday, two Sunday and six Monday.

At 12:40 p.m. Friday, they were dispatched to a possible structure fire with a smoke alarm going off on SE 30 Rd. The homeowner said she had a pot of water on the stove that boiled dry and caused smoke; there was no fire.

At 1:49 p.m. Friday they responded to a gas leak at 1514 K-96. A construction crew working in the area had struck a gas line with a front-end loader in the alley, which is also the rear entrance to Great Bend Regional Hospital. Firefighters were unable to plug the leak and the gas company was called in. Police and fire crews blocked off the area until the gas could be shut down.

On Saturday they checked a possible gas leak at 2212 Franklin but found nothing.


Barton County Jail

Booked Feb. 17

Sara A. Farmer, Claflin — Battery

Joshua W. Winslow, Great Bend — Failure to appear

Dan A. Kelly, Great Bend — Aggravated burglary and theft

Brittany N. Ravenstein, Chase — Failure to appear

Nancy Nunez-Sanchez — Serve sentence

Derek James Black — Serve sentence

Corey Engstrom, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Victor Urbina-Gonzales — Serve sentence

Oscar Montes-Delghado — Serve sentence

Shawny Burch, Great Bend — Failure to appear


Released Feb. 17

David McMullen, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Brittany N. Ravenstein, Chase — $200 cash bond

Stephen Duncan, Lenexa — Charges dismissed

Shane P. Kern, Great Bend — $5,169.35 own-recognizance bond

Michael E. Leishing Jr., Onaga — $485.27 own-recognizance bond

Ryan N. Kelweno, Bazine — $25,200 own-recognizance bond

Genaro H. Rodriguez, Great Bend — $713.68 own-recognizance bond

Lisa A. Tisdale-Kilgore, Topeka — $11,090.88 own-recognizance bond

Dan Kelly, Great Bend — $50,000 surety bond

Alex Roth — Served sentence in full


Booked Feb. 18

Kelly Polzin, Hoisington — Serve sentence

Tracy Thacker, Great Bend — Driving while suspended


Released Feb. 18

Alex D. Tate, great Bend — Serve sentence

Tracy Thacker, Great Bend — $500 surety


Booked Feb. 19

Patton Mills, Great Bend — Contempt of court

Whitney Potter, Great Bend — Battery

Daisy Ann Torres, Great Bend — Contempt of court, serve sentence

Maisha Allen, Great Bend — Battery


Released Feb. 19

Whitney Potter, Great Bend — $2,500 surety

Maisha Allen, Great Bend — $2,500 surety

Nancy Nunez-Sanchez, Great Bend — Served sentence in full

Victor Urbina-Gonzalez, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Corey Engstrom, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Oscar Montes-Delgado, Great Bend — Serve sentence


Booked Feb. 20

Roxanne M. Buettgenbach — Serve sentence

Tyrone Shewbart, Great Bend — Domestic battery

James R. Chelf Jr., Great Bend — Serve sentence

Michael Pedigo, Great Bend — Stafford County warrant for probation violation

Benjamin White, Great Bend — Contempt of court and obstruction


Released Feb. 20

Derek Black — Serve partial sentence

Christopher Immediato, Great Bend — Serve sentence in full