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On the Record for March 7, 2012
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Great Bend Police

Monday reports:

A vehicle driven by Donna Cape was westbound on Lakin at 1:31 p.m. and struck a vehicle driven by Dorothy Doty, who was also westbound.

A vehicle driven by Coletta Mogbo was westbound on Eighth St. at 6:17 p.m. and struck a vehicle driven by Theresa DeJesus, who was northbound on Odell.


Barton County Jail

Booked March 1

Jeremy L. Lehmkuhl, Great Bend — Driving under the influence

JB Wade Hilton Brown, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Bryce Scott Anderson, Ellinwood — Probation violation

Amber Rose Holt, Claflin — Failure to appear


Released March 1

Jeremy L. Lehmkuhl, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond

Patrick Moody-Standlee — Release on all cases and placed on probation

Amber Holt, Claflin — $200 cash bond

Emily Noblitt, Ellinwood — $500 cash bond


Booked March 2

Dustin Cloke — Ford County warrant in lieu of $10,000 bond, and Barton County bond ($25,000) revoked

Juana Flores, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Pablo Martinez, Great Bend — Contempt of court

David Roach, Ellinwood — Driving while suspended and transporting an open container

Kenneth E. Johnston, Salina — Arrest and detain

Victor Urbina-Gonzales, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Derek James Black, Great Bend — Serve sentence and probation violation

Jana Troendle, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Corey James Engstrom — Serve sentence

Kurt Eric Woods, Great Bend — Serve sentence

James Burch, Claflin — Failure to appear

Angel Gutierrez, Great Bend — Driving under the influence, refuse preliminary breath test, transporting open container, driving while suspended and no tag light

Bryce Anderson, Great Bend — Probation violation


Released March 2

Michael Andrew Croslin Sr. — Served sentence in full

Preston Hughes — To Community Corrections

Bryce S. Anderson, Ellinwood — Per Judge Svaty

Pablo Martinez, Great Bend — $161 cash bond

David Roach, Ellinwood — $1,000 surety bond

James Burch, Claflin — $200 cash bond

Angel A. Gutierrez, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond


Booked March 3

Michael S. Scothorn, Great Bend — Battery domestic violence

Julian Huitron, Great Bend — Driving while suspended, and 2009 Barton County warrant for possession with intent to sell, three counts of possession of stolen property, possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia

Matthew Mortimer, Great Bend — Criminal threat

Kurt Allan Woods Jr. — Failure to appear

Toni M. Zahn, Hoisington — Failure to appear

Edward Lloyd Klusener, Great Bend — Failure to appear

Moses Enriquez, Great Bend — Possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia


Released March 3

Michael Scothorn, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond

Juana Flores — Serve sentence

Toni Zahn, Hoisington — $2,500 surety bond

Paul Poteet, Ellinwood — $2,500 surety bond


Booked March 4

Leeanna M. Brooker, Great Bend — Possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, minor in possession, minor in consumption, transportation of open container and failure to stop at stop sign

Gerald R. Antoine, Lone Oak, Texas — Driving while suspended and no proof of insurance

Veronica Vega-Orana, Wichita — Driving while suspended and no insurance

Patrick Moody-Standlee, Great Bend — Burglary of motor vehicle and possession of alcohol by a minor


Released March 4

Gerald Antoine, Lone Oak, Texas — $500 surety bond

Leeanna Brooker, Great Bend — $2,500 surety bond

Victor Urbina-Gonzales, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Corey Engstrom, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Oscar Montez-Deldado, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Rachelle LaFoe — Probation violation

Kurt E. Woods — Serve sentence in full