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On the Record for Sept. 7, 2011
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Great Bend Fire Department


Firefighters made three ambulance runs Friday, four Saturday, seven Sunday and eight Monday.

There was one false alarm on Saturday, and firefighters were dispatched to 1219 Polk St. on Monday to check a smoke smell.


Great Bend Police

A forgery on a bank account was reported Friday.

A man reported losing his wallet at 5200 10th St. and later getting it back on Friday with the money missing.

Damage to a car door at 2522 Eighth St. was reported Friday.

A burglary at 300 Buckeye St. was reported Friday. Someone broke in through the back door and took $50 worth of meat.

Vehicles driven by Nancy Ummel and Amber Demel collided at 3:19 p.m. Friday at 2027 Morton St.

Theft of a 1991 Pontiac by a known person from 2807 Gano St. was reported Friday night. The car was later located at 17th and Jefferson and the suspect, Alisasha Pereleta, was located at Walmart. She was served a notice to appear in municipal court for theft of a vehicle.

A fight involving "about 20 people" in the 1100 block of Eisenhower St. was reported at 1:54 a.m. Saturday. Officers did not find a problem. A non-prosecution battery case was taken.

Theft of a window air conditioner from 2607 Gano St. was reported Saturday.

A vehicle driven by Murina Wood was westbound on Lakin Ave. at 9:47 a.m. Saturday and struck a vehicle driven by Nicole Dixon, who was northbound on Morphy St.

Four vehicular burglaries were reported Saturday. Someone broke into a pickup at 3211 Forest Ave. and stole a stereo, items were stolen from a truck at 3111 16th St., a wallet was stolen from a vehicle at 5315 Quail Creek Dr., and more items were taken from another vehicle at 5315 Quail Creek Dr.

A Great Bend resident reported receiving a forged check in the mail.

A DVD player was reported stolen and recovered Sunday in the 5900 block of Roosewood Dr.; a theft case was taken.


Barton County Sheriff

A burglary at the cabin at the sand pit at 55 SE 60 Ave. was reported Friday.

A Barton County resident reported someone use his or her financial card to buy school books in St. Louis.

Three children were removed from a Barton County home on Friday and taken into custody by Social and Rehabilitation Services.

A vehicle hit a deer on NW 90 Ave. and NW 150 Road at 7 a.m. Friday.

Damage to mail boxes in the county was reported Monday.