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Rowe returning to prison after violating probation
Charles Joseph Rowe Jr.
Charles Joseph Rowe Jr.

Barton County Attorney Levi Morris reports that convicted felon Charles Joseph Rowe Jr. was back in court on Friday, June 21, facing allegations that he had violated the terms and conditions of his probation.

Rowe, 36, admitted to technical violations of his probation including failing to report and failing to re-engage in drug treatment, Morris stated in a news release. Then the State of Kansas presented evidence that he had committed a new crime while on probation. Following a hearing on the evidence, District Court Judge Steve Johnson found that Rowe had committed a new crime while on probation, revoked Rowe’s probation, and ordered him to serve his underlying sentences of 109 months (nine years and one month) in the Kansas Department of Corrections. 

Rowe was on probation in Barton County cases 22-CR-316, 22-CR-418, and 23-CR-163.

The State of Kansas was represented by Assistant Barton County Attorney Rita Sunderland. The defendant was represented by Donald Anderson.