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Woman wounded by gunfire Friday afternoon
BCSO urges safety when participating in shooting activities

A woman was wounded Friday afternoon after being struck by a bullet fired from an unknown source south of Great Bend.

According to Sheriff Brian Bellendir, at about 2:30 p.m. Friday, BCSO deputies responded to Red Barn Pet Products at 30 SE 10 Rd. Deputies were advised a subject at that location had been struck by gunfire. 

Upon officers' arrival, Eria Pando told officers she was standing near the guard shack when she heard the report from a gunshot to the south. At the same time, she heard a bullet ricochet off a metal surface and felt a sharp pain in her leg. The bullet then fell to the ground and was later recovered by deputies.

Pando received a slight laceration to the calf from the round. She received first aid from personnel at the facility and declined further medical treatment. 

Deputies immediately searched the area for someone shooting to the south of the facility but were unable to locate anyone. The round was jacketed and appears to have come from a larger caliber rifle.

BCSO urges anyone engaged in shooting activities to practice standard safety precautions and know where your bullet is going to stop. Causing injury or death to another person may result in criminal or civil litigation.