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10 kid-friendly websites that combine fun and learning
The Internet doesn't have to be a big scary place. Here are 10 kid-friendly websites for your little one. - photo by Armela Escalona
Are you worried about your childs surfing habits? The Internet is a huge place. Its home to thousands of resources, it holds contents in various forms and purposes. With the help of the Internet, children can connect with friends, research for school projects and learn more about the world. However, the Internet can also be a big scary place. There are many forms of inappropriate content and people who will prey on your childs innocence. How can you protect your child from the dangers that lurk in the Web? How can you assure your little one always has safe surfing habits?

In this digital age, one of a parents responsibilities is to keep her child safe online. Thus, it is very important to pay close attention to your kids' online behavior. Aside from monitoring the sites your child visits, you should also set strict guidelines about which sites they can be allowed to open. The following are fun kid-friendly websites your kids can try:

1. PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a game-based learning website that helps children learn reading, vocabulary, math and science in an engaging way. Most activities are in exciting game formats that will surely entertain young ones. PBS can also be used in school. The site is certified smart board compatible and can be used with interactive whiteboards for teachers and tutors in day-care programs.

2. Curious World

Curious World is an amazing kid-friendly application that features school appropriate content, videos, games and books to engage your young childs mind. Parents are encouraged to create a profile for their child while the app chooses recommended content in the form of videos, games and books. Curious World helps children improve skills by focusing in these eight primary learning areas: 1) creative expression, 2) language and literacy, 3) mathematics, 4) science, 5) family and community, 6) executive function, 7) social and emotional, 8) health and well-being.

3. NASA Kids Club

Travel to space with your young astronaut in NASA Kids Club. The site includes a lot of fun activities for exploring and learning more about space and beyond. The site lets children gather facts, watch videos and play games about planets, stars and the solar system. Children can explore our galaxy, learn more about the journey to Mars or visit collections of famous astronauts and their expeditions

4. Khan Academy

Khan academy is an educational platform that features videos, micro-lectures, tutorials and pre-tests that make for a great customized learning experience. Children are encouraged to sign up using their parents' email and choose what subjects they would like to learn first (math, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing). Khan Academy is available in many languages and can be used by people all around the world.

5. Animal Jam (National Geographic Kids)

In collaboration with National Geographic Kids, Animal Jam is a virtual world game, set in the land of Jamaa where kids can play games, meet new friends and learn amazing facts about plants and animals. Kids can create their own animal characters, dress them up and design their own dens. The multiplayer world lets children team up during the games adventures, establish groups and connect with players from other parts of the world. The games primary goal is to inspire children to explore and protect nature by cultivating a love for science.

6. Fun Brain

Fun brain is a great educational entertainment site that uses interactive games to coach learning for children. It also includes learning aids for parents and teachers who tutor kids at home or in school. The site has options to filter different types of content according to age for better comprehension and connection. Parents can use the site to buy books and comics or try reading games with their children that will help improve their vocabulary and grammar skills (examples of reading games include: the translator alligator, word turtle and scramble-saurus).

7. Sesame Street

Help your kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder with Sesame Streets Tool Kits. Activities in the site help make learning fun and also teach kids good values that will help them grow into kind, conscientious human beings. Featuring the characters from the popular Sesame Street kids show, kids can learn more about the alphabets, animals and fairy tales. The site is safe even for pre-readers and toddlers who will enjoy song and dance sesame videos with their parents.

8. Friver

Friver offers an expansive collection of adventure, puzzle, sports, action and flash games that will entertain your tween and young one. Aside from the frequent parody games and movie/TV themed games, friver is frequently updated with new kid-friendly games that are safe and fun to play. Popular games include dress-ups, race games and cooking mini games.

9. Switch Zoo

Capture your childs imagination by playing Switch Zoo. In this game, children can create new creatures by combining different parts of an animals body (example: putting a cats head with a horses body and a dogs tail). You can also change the animals habitat and create a new one based on the environment you chose. This game teaches a lot about animals and their habitats, incorporating fun by allowing kids to experiment and create weird animal combinations.

10. Disney Family

Disney Family is a fun DIY site for children interested in creative crafts and cooking. The site has a collection of simple DIY projects for kids and moms wanting some creativity in their bonding time. Simple projects like recycling broken crayons to make tie-dye Mickey crayons, old cookie jars to a Dory-inspired mason jar crafts, or organizing a Star Wars-themed movie night. This site has all the amazing DIY projects your child needs.